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Why glass water pipes are linked to new coronavirus

by linbin on June 02, 2020


  After a large number of pulmonary disease patients occur, the THC trade volume in the illegal black market decreases. Some products also reduce the addition of vitamin E, thus naturally reducing the number of patients.

  Then the question comes. melon eaters may ask why vitamin e acetate should be added to THC.

  It is very simple, in order to make more money. Take a litre of bulk THC oil for example, the price is 6,000 US dollars. Now, use vitamin e acetate (300ml, price $50) to increase its volume by 30%. As long as no one notices, you now have 1300 milliliters of THC oil, the value of which has risen to US$ 7,800, but you have earned an extra US$ 1,800 for only US$ 50. You can understand it as "shoddy", mixing cheap vitamin E acetate into expensive THC oil.


  Lookah shop  has a history of more than ten years in the world. There has never been a large-scale case of lung disease before, that is, only from 2019. Obviously, some illegal manufacturers have added something that should not be added to their products. This is vitamin E acetate. The substance itself is eaten as a health product, which is beneficial to the human body. It enters the digestive tract and is absorbed by the intestinal tract to become a nutrient substance to participate in the metabolism of the human body, but it cannot be absorbed by the lung and then accumulates in the lung, eventually leading to lung diseases. Compared with other additives, vitamin E has three advantages: one is solubility, sesame oil has good solubility in vitamin E, the other is color, vitamin E is golden yellow, the third is viscosity, and vitamin E has high viscosity. So mixed in it, users simply can't see it. Black market manufacturers have made a fortune out of this, but they have pushed good users to the brink of death.

  Generally, some people who smoke marijuana have a habit of holding back one mouthful, which means that the smoked smoke shop is held back in the lungs and will not be spit out, and then the feeling will be obvious. At this time, vitamin E acetate, a macromolecular substance that is difficult to absorb, will be left in the lungs. In short, your lungs are blocked and finally you have difficulty breathing. Vitamin E can be eaten, smeared, but not absorbed. Inhaling it will block your lungs.

  In addition, the product of electronic atomization death in the United States is THC sesame oil, which has nothing to do with nicotine glass water pipes. vitamin e acetate will not be added to glass water pipes cigarette oil, because it is oil soluble and insoluble in PGVG of glass water pipes cigarette oil, and the cigarette oil is very cheap, so it is not necessary to fill it with vitamin e. Therefore, this paragraph goes on to say that at least the problem has been made clear. Nicotine glass water pipes has nothing to do with electronic aerosolized lung disease in the United States. The United States CDC has clarified and has withdrawn its recommendation that users should not use nicotine glass water pipes. The main culprit is vitamin E acetate added to illegal THC.

  Of course, since the US CDC began its investigation, it has also been unfriendly to nicotine glass water pipes. All kinds of prejudices and hints misled the global media to label the disease glass water pipes lung disease. Lookah glass dab rigs died, causing global panic. However, we feel that we can understand that as the investigation of the matter deepens, many problems will become clear, and it will be a great improvement to know what is wrong. The paper on smoking glass water pipes prone to heart disease has been withdrawn: it has been circulated 100 million times, and glass water pipes owes glass water pipes an apology for any further epic misunderstanding! U.S. CDC is already at attention. Where are the others?

  In addition, is the U.S. electronic atomization lung disease the new crown pneumonia? Of course, the answer is no. Most of us do not have medical knowledge to explain the difference between the two diseases, and we can judge according to some common sense. It is very simple. If it is, according to the current outbreak of newly diagnosed pneumonia, tens of millions of people in the United States have been infected for a long time, not just over 2,000 cases, and the patients are not infectious to each other. The biggest characteristic of the new coronal pneumonia is its strong infectivity. Compared with the electronic atomization lung disease in the United States, it does not have this characteristic at all. Moreover, FDA and CDC are both very strict institutions, and their authoritative investigations and conclusions have very strong credibility.

  According to the reliability of information, the conclusions of authoritative organizations take precedence over information circulated among the people. There are also some counterexamples that can be refuted. There are more than 10 million users of glass water pipes in China. They have neither received the electronic atomization lung disease in the United States, nor have they seen any definite connection with the new crown pneumonia at present. As for the claim that the symptoms of electronic atomization lung disease in the United States are similar to those of the newly crowned pneumonia, we feel that there is no disputing significance. The motivation and reasons for many people to spread the screenshots of the above rumors are also related to a rumor that has been widely circulated recently, and various conspiracy theories are rampant.

  This kind of self-media headline is not easy to hurt. It is scary and exaggerated. You will not stop until you are scared to death. This has made a strong connection between the flu and the newly crowned pneumonia. One word or two has firmly grasped your curiosity kills the cat's rumour-mongering mentality. Then you start sending it to your circle of friends, leaving behind a message to deny the rumor, thus completing the conversion of self-media harvest traffic.