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Why does trump temporarily withdraw the glass dab rigs ban?

by linbin on June 09, 2020


  According to foreign media reports, the US government's efforts to crack down on glass dab rigs have reached a deadlock recently because US President Donald Trump has had to reconsider his health minister's proposal to ban almost all seasoned glass dab rigs under heavy pressure from industry and conservatives.

glass dab rigs

  One of the people familiar with the matter said that about two weeks ago administrative health officials had drawn up a final plan to amend the glass dab rigs ban, but the White House had not approved it, and now the plan has been postponed.

  Trump posted on social media that "he will meet with representatives of the water pipes online industry, as well as medical professionals and individual representatives of the state government to propose solutions to the glass dab rigs problem. Children's health and safety and related work will be the focus of discussion! "

  Trump promised to meet with glass dab rigs industry advocates and relevant medical professionals this week, but no such meeting has been held so far.

  As early as September, the Minister of Health and Public Services, Alex Azar, announced that the government would ban all flavored glass dab rigs except tobacco to prevent their use by children.

  Alex Azar spoke at a press conference in Trump's office on September 11.

  Since its promulgation, the ban has met with strong resistance from conservative activists and glass dab rigs audiences in the United States. Opponents of the ban put forward their own views: "glass dab rigs is much less harmful than traditional cigarettes and has enabled many former smokers to successfully quit tobacco products."

  Glass dab rigs advocates also said that the broad ban would close shops, put thousands of people at risk of losing their jobs, and drive glass dab rigs audiences back to smoking.

  The trump administration is currently weighing a number of factors, including children's health, small businesses in the glass dab rigs industry, and the decision of juullabs Inc., the best-selling glass dab rigs equipment manufacturer.

  On the one hand, there are strict suggestions from social public health and safety organizations, and on the other hand, there are strong protests from conservative activists and water pipes for sale audiences. The US government is in a dilemma.

  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggest that people should stop using aerosolized products. Greg Heffley, director of the American Cancer Society, also said: "Due to the government's daily delays, our children are buying these products and becoming addicted. We hope that Congress will permanently remove glass dab rigs, a seasoning known to be used for children, from the market."

  Now, the U.S. government is looking for a compromise plan that will try to solve a series of death and underage use problems related to glass dab rigs and will not fully implement the glass dab rigs ban.

  In any case, the trump administration has changed its plan, which may turn for the better for the entire glass dab rigs industry.