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Why are mini glass pipe worth more than $10 billion a year?Why are they keen on the mini glass pipe

by linbin on May 15, 2020


  On July 22, Mr. Luo's onokazu e-cigarette recently completed its first round of financing, worth about 30 million yuan.This means that Mr Luo launched ono in April after the first foreign capital was put in place.Why is capital keen on the e-cigarette industry?High profits and low barriers to entry are the main reasons.But how much faith do you have in e-cigarette bullshit?

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  Although CCTV had named glass bong china as "excessive formaldehyde" in the year 315 to induce teenagers, the online sales channel once deleted the category of e-cigarettes, but this does not seem to have much impact on the e-cigarette industry.

  However, some industry insiders said that most e-cigarette devices use aluminum magnesium alloy or aluminum cadmium alloy, which costs about 60 yuan and ceramic core about 20 yuan, but the market price is basically 200 to 300 yuan.

  In other words, high profits and low barriers to entry are the main reasons for the popularity of e-cigarettes.

  It is understood that since 2005, e-cigarette began to export overseas, a few years later in the United States to obtain the atomized e-cigarette patent, many enterprises invested heavily, the product quickly swept the world.

  Global e-cigarette sales have soared in recent years, reaching $12 billion in 2017.

  It's worth noting that while there's still a lot of controversy about lookah glass platinum, more and more people are coming in.

  On July 22, according to landong new consumption report, luo yonghao's onokazu e-cigarette recently completed the first round of financing, the amount of about 30 million yuan, which means luo yonghao established onokazu's first foreign capital in April.

  However, this is not the first time Mr Lo has mentioned e-cigarettes.As early as January 15 this year, at the "liao tianbao" press conference, luo yonghao also created the e-cigarette liufulu platform for zhu xiaomu, an employee of the company.

  According to incomplete statistics, 10 e-cigarette projects have completed rapid financing since 2018 alone, including IDG capital, zhenfund and other star investment institutions.

  With e-cigarettes so popular in the market, do they really have the effect of "quitting counterfeit" and "lung cleansing"?Whether e-cigarettes have the effect of quitting smoking has been a different point of view.More absurdly, there are reports that e-cigarettes are much healthier than traditional cigarettes, which, fortunately, few people agree with in recent years.

  According to the grain rain data report, e-cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals that are more likely to produce other harmful and carcinogenic substances when heated and vaporized at high temperatures, including nicotine, ethylene glycol, glycerin, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, flavoring agents, additives, nitroamine and heavy metals used in tobacco products.

  In fact, e-cigarettes look similar to traditional cigarettes in terms of appearance, but the difference lies in their internal structure and principle.It is understood that e-cigarette is mainly composed of smoke column (including led, battery, control circuit, pneumatic switch, atomizer and other electronic components) and smoke bomb (including storage chamber and nozzle).

  According to the report, the current common electronic cigarettes are divided into two kinds: one kind is "heating combustion type",  represented by Japan iQOS, its play as the characteristics of tobacco smoke, the smoke feeling very similar, but the taste is much lighter than the tar cigarette, is a kind of love of mild old smokers to Japan will take the goods, but control is very strict, even in China is also a kind of reference tobacco control;

  The other is "electronic atomization", represented by the yule in the United States. The smoke bomb is in the form of a smoky oil with a lighter taste and is more popular among young people and non-smokers.

  Compared with traditional cigarettes, most jet water pipe oils are free of tar and other substances and consist mainly of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin and flavoring.There are many flavors, thousands of flavors.

  Some studies suggest that smokers who use e-cigarettes to quit may double their nicotine use.

  The national health commission is planning to regulate e-cigarettes through legislation in response to the current hot development of the e-cigarette industry.One important reason is that e-cigarettes are so easy to induce young people to get exposed to e-cigarettes in a fashionable way and then to traditional tobacco, thus accelerating the revival of smokers and not helping to reduce smoking rates.

  Once the e-cigarette legislation comes to an end, the industry will also be reshuffled to eliminate the abnormal e-cigarette.The industry will become more formal and standardised.Suziewong said.

  So the question is, do you think e-cigarettes will attract teenagers to smoke?Click on the hazards of e-cigarettes.