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How will the wholesale glass snail adapt to the "wholesale glass snail 2.0" era

by linbin on May 19, 2020
Q: in 2019 for wholesale glass industry is destined to be extraordinary for a year, as many capital to join, especially Internet companies into the bureau, let this year IECIE wholesale q: glass exhibition received high attention, even the size of the exhibition, and also from 1.5 in 2015 square meters exhibition area, exhibitors 183, more than 40000 participants, to 4, 2019 square meters of exhibition area, from 45 countries and regions, more than 1500 brands, only the size of the professional audience reached 50000 people. Wholesale glass snail can be expected to become a new outlet.
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  With the entry of Internet enterprises, the competition of wholesale glass snail industry was further intensified. For the old wholesale glass snail, it is the general trend to transform or upgrade. For example, Z&G zunge, a well-known old wholesale glass snail manufacturer in China, showed its new upgraded brand ice shell bink at the IECIE wholesale glass snail exhibition. For these old brands with the professional technology of wholesale glass snail, how to make their technology known and accepted by more new users of wholesale glass snail in the Internet era is the key, because "wine tastes good and people are afraid of deep alleys". Especially in the recent crisis of trust caused by the wholesale glass snail industry, it is more important to establish a brand new image.

  Unlike traditional cigarettes, the seemingly simple wholesale glass snail is very high-tech. Many new manufacturers are still using similar mobile phone brand play, "PPT wholesale glass snail". A good wholesale glass snail needs the support of technical strength in every link from development to production. The most important standard for the quality of wholesale glass snail is the smoky oil technology, which is not available in many new "PPT wholesale glass snail". They will only copy the hardware of the upstream supply chain, but not the wholesale glass snail tobacco oil technology, which is irresponsible for consumers.
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  Now, in addition to JUUL, a giant wholesale glass snail in the United States, bink is the only one in China that has mastered the core nicotine technology, which is the new brand upgraded from the old wholesale glass snail mentioned before. Its founder and CEO, yunzhao Zen zhong, used to be the managing director of sino-american tobacco group in Hong Kong. Before that, he introduced traditional Chinese tobacco brands to the world. Z&G zunge products once achieved the sales volume of more than 100,000 in the wholesale glass snail circle, and the advantage of core technology is the most important.

  Ice shell bink self-developed HINs natural compound nicotine pioneering technology, this technology has been granted a national patent. Combined with natural ingredients imported from Europe, it provides a unique physiological experience that is closer to the taste of a cigarette, while still maintaining zero tar and being healthier.
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  In addition to brand and technology, ice shell bink also brought brand new wholesale glass snail products -- Max and Mini. Bink wholesale glass snail Max series adopts the micro-cellular cellular ceramic atomizer with embedded magnetic suction technology and automatic capacitive induction charging technology. Natural composite nicotiana restore the true feeling of throat, and a variety of flavors to choose from.

  The bink wholesale glass snail Mini series provides a lighter design to achieve the feel of a real cigarette between the fingers and the tail light when breathing, which simulates the burning feeling. No need to charge, no need to oil, that is, throw and absorb.

  After brand upgrade, ice shell bink quickly gained the favor of the capital market. Hong Kong's midamerican tobacco group co., ltd. invested $20 million in shenzhen's bink ice shell technology co., LTD., the first time the tobacco group has injected capital into the electronics industry, as the company continues to develop wholesale glass snail, a related product. In addition to providing capital support, Hong Kong's midamerican tobacco group will continue to provide technical and resource support, indicating its continued optimism for the wholesale glass snail market.
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  As far as wholesale glass snail industry is concerned, it is still in the rapid growth stage, and its products are uneven and controversial. Fortunately, wholesale glass snail is now on the right track, and its laws and policies will soon be announced. With the continuous improvement of the industrial chain, the entry threshold of wholesale glass snail industry is getting lower and lower. How can traditional wholesale glass snail survive and develop in the face of new entrants? Maybe we can look back to the time when Chinese smart phones blossomed. In the end, it is such a technological enterprise brand as ice shell bink that survives. From zunge Z&G to ice shell bink, the strength of the players set sail again, let a person wait and see.