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Who is waiting for new regulations on cool water pipes?

by linbin on May 12, 2020


  Not everyone is optimistic about "Internet celebrities" getting into e-cigarettes.In 2016, ou cheng li, an investment partner at Bofai Capital, the first Chinese investor to focus on atomized lookah glass for sale, made an angel investment in refined salt technology, as reported by ConsumerNews about EVOVE e-cigarettes.I really don't want to see WeChat doing business in this industry, because it's a critical element of danger.

water pipes

  One obvious risk, he says, is that e-cigarette brands themselves will lose their ability to control the core of their products once distribution begins.Because, in order to sell a lot of marketing, once the product has problems and cannot be solved, when the impact is not only the brand itself, but also the public's trust in the e-cigarette industry, there will be a reversal of public opinion.

  At the moment, seven or eight media have come to me and said they want to make e-cigarettes.What about product development?What about technology iteration?What about product certification?"Leo cheng seems worried. He believes that the low rate of e-commerce buy-back, which is rooted in WeChat's official account, makes it difficult to convert products into e-cigarettes, which is a fundamental change.

  According to his judgment, the current operation of the self-media game is still a little rough, without obvious advantages.RELX's gameplay, by contrast, is "more subtle."For example, RELX was the first oil rigs brand to launch mung bean sauce, a flavor that was hardly comparable to cigarettes at the time, but has now become the standard for e-cigarette bombs in China.

  Some companies choose to start with offline channels and cooperate with online channels.Wel Whale, an e-cigarette brand that also  launched in January, chose to merge with hangzhou bright tobacco (hangzhou light tobacco) to get the channel that hangzhou light tobacco (hangzhou light tobacco) launched before.Currently, Wel has 200 agents at the local level, through which it has set up more than 500 points of sale.This year, Wel aims to build tens of thousands of stores.

  Qiu yiwu, the founder of Wel, takes a different view of consumer freshmen: while online sales are fast, he argues, the powerful operation of offline agents, especially terminal sales, can determine the ultimate size of a brand.Later, our tentacles extended to convenience stores, Internet cafes and even beer ladies.

  At the end of the supply chain, stay on the sidelines. "since the second half of last year, a growing number of brands, such as venture capital entrepreneurs, self-media and channel distributors, have been looking for e-cigarettes in hopes of generating new revenue from this new category," recalls giant kelvin yangtian.For a manufacturer of this size, the core source of revenue for a manufacturer of this size is e-cigarette exports, which can range from $100 million to $200 million a year.In the domestic market, they tend to collaborate temporarily rather than build brands from scratch.

  When new consumer voices mentioned the possibility of supply chain leaders investing in new e-cigarette brands, kelvin said it was unlikely.First, the relatively small size of the new brands makes them less attractive to companies like McWeill and Smok, which generate billions of dollars in annual profits.Second, manufacturers tend to take a more conservative business strategy, and if they invest in lookah glass recycler in China, if the policy changes direction, it may become involved in the factory's business overseas, and there is no need to face regulatory risks alone.

  Recently, however, something has changed at the conservative end of the supply chain.Li recalls that when he went to shenzhen to study two years ago, many leading manufacturers were reluctant to invest in brand operations.Because we were trying to develop an e-cigarette brand, and we could only develop it overseas, and the mortality rate was very high.Once the coalition government of big tobacco comes up with new rules, it's easy to throw you out of court.It's a very uneconomic thing in the world.".

  However, in the wake of the nascent market in China, many manufacturers have launched new brands of their own: McWeill's Vaporesso e-cigarette, Conor e-cigarette from kors technologies, and e-cigarette chip maker yihai's sx-e-cigarette, to name a few.

  I don't think rankings are the future.""The e-cigarette market is too similar to the mobile phone market," Mr. Li said.