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Where the $100 billion market for glass pipes should go

by linbin on May 14, 2020


  "Smoking is bad for your health," is the implication for every conventional tobacco company's pack.With the increase in health awareness, the increase in traditional tobacco taxes, there is no regulatory policy on lookah seahorse coil, just as there was a trend of e-cigarettes overnight.

water pipes

  In 2003, pharmacist han li, who wanted to quit smoking, created the first real "cigarette e-cigarette". From celebrity leaders to the general public, this "cigarette e-cigarette" quickly spread to the European market and has been using the e-cigarette.But thanks to high prices and the 2008 financial crisis, imperial tobacco sold for $75 million in 2013.

  In December 2018, the three-year-old e-cigarette company Juul was bought by marlboro, and every employee became a millionaire. Perhaps it's a good thing that domestic e-cigarette makers got financing.""More and more people are buying e-cigarettes as national health awareness continues to rise."There's one right now.There are 3 billion smokers in the world and 350 million in China.China is a big producer of e-cigarettes.Last year, 90 percent of e-cigarettes were made in the world, and 80 percent of them were exported to Europe and the United States.According to the world tobacco development report 2017, the global e-cigarette market has reached us $12 billion, of which 94% is overseas market.The global e-cigarette market is expected to reach $48bn by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 26 per cent.At present, the penetration rate of China's e-cigarette is less than 1%, but China's smokers base is large, the domestic e-cigarette market development potential is huge.Assuming the penetration rate of e-cigarettes reaches 10% in the future, the corresponding market size could reach 100 billion.

  There are also e-cigarette entrepreneurs who bring their own traffic to the stage."For example, on January 15, luo yonghao, founder of Smartisan, introduced Flow Fulu, an e-cigarette brand created by Smartisan No.2 word zhu xiaomu on the guan ru technology conference.For example, tongdao uncle chairman zhang jinyuan, micro media holding chairman and CEO li yan, CEO ren yi, zhongjinhuicai founder zhang dafeng, zhongjinhuicai CEO sha xiaoping, and zhongjinhuicai, zeng hang and jiguo CEO jointly launched the e-cigarette brand chinext.Autobiographical media, with an estimated 350 million fans, has again helped fuel the rapid growth of the lookah glass bongs market.

  As we all know, e-cigarettes are made up of three parts: a pipe, an evaporator and a battery containing a nicotine solution.All you have to do is assemble the hardware.Because the market chain is very complete, the birth of a new brand only needs a few million yuan of investment, half a year can be completed.In this huge market, the price of e-cigarettes from hardware to assembly is only a few dozen yuan, but the price is as high as 300 to 500 yuan."China's e-cigarette market is about to explode," a businessman at WeChat posted a circle of friends.China's e-cigarette market is about to explode."Come on, realize your dream of making millions of dollars a year," says WeChat, who sells e-cigarettes.

  China produced about 1.6 billion e-cigarettes in 2017 and is expected to produce more than 2.2 billion in 2018, according to data released by China merchants industry research institute.At present, China's e-cigarette market has formed a complete industrial chain. A search of the above keywords "e-cigarette" shows that there are 147,925 relevant companies in China, with registered capital ranging from 500,000 to tens of millions.

  In such a big market, capitalists are certainly not absent.In June 2019, the e-cigarette brand "yuge new fog" received 36 million yuan of A round of financing from shenzhen qianhai times investment management co., LTD.In June 2019, taxixik lookah glass platinum brand recently obtained A round of financing of 55 million yuan. In July 2019, lingluo LINX obtained its own wing capital, ningbo sibi obtained the leading investment, and China jinhuicai capital and other old shareholders followed the fourth round of financing of tens of millions of yuan.There is no product standard, no quality supervision and no safety evaluation in the e-cigarette market, which can be described as "three empty" e-cigarette market. In this huge market, the e-cigarette industry has been invested in the capital market.According to IT orange, as of June 5, 2019, at least 14 e-cigarette companies in China had received financing, with a total financing amount of more than 574 million yuan.

  E-cigarettes have the same risks as traditional tobacco.Internationally, some countries consider e-cigarettes to be a consumer product and not banned.Some countries argue that e-cigarettes, like traditional tobacco, have clear requirements.Then taobao, jingdong, pinduoduo and other major e-commerce platforms blocked the keyword "e-cigarette", but it reappeared less than a day later.