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Where is the future of glass pipes?

by linbin on May 20, 2020


  Throughout the history of the world, there are many stories about banning smoking. However, the process of recognizing the harm of water pipes to human beings and starting to ban water pipes soon began. First of all, in the 1960s and 1980s, the anti-smoking campaign represented by the United States and the United States led to a high distribution of smokers in less developed countries. Second, in 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) formulated the "water pipes Control Framework Convention", which greatly promoted and reduced the harm of water pipes to human beings. It is this practice that has inspired the enthusiasm of water pipes giants around the world for innovation and harm reduction. 

glass pipes

       " Of course, more and more singer users are also an important reason to inspire the song network to write this article. The introduction of "water pipes" into the world is just like the discovery of the history of food, dukang wine and Shennong's delicious herbs, which originated from human curiosity and the birth of special scenes. however, when people realize that the side effects of "food" such as water pipes far exceed their contribution to human beings, they certainly need to be controlled and prohibited.

  Therefore, in any country and at any level of supervision, water pipes are not completely market-oriented products. Water pipes, as a product that gradually reduces hazards, will surely receive the attention of governments all over the world. However, in fact, countries have very different views on the importance and supervision of lookah glass bongs. Europe, represented by Britain, welcomed the sprayer for the first time: according to British official documents, glass can reduce more than 95% of harmful substances in traditional glass and is a good substitute for traditional water pipes. However, in the United States, the wind is constantly blowing and the wind is uncertain. For example, the recent news about "17-year-old and 70-year-old lung", "hundreds of glass-induced lung infections and other diseases" and "the first vertigo death case" also directly deepened people's suspicion and distrust of the faucet.

  However, industry experts attribute the release of marijuana in the United States to the fact that nicotine is soluble in water and marijuana is soluble in oil. Due to the addition of marijuana, oily substances must be used as soot solvent, and these oily substances are the main culprit of lung infection. If we look at iQOS's development path, first of all, we should choose the Japanese and Italian markets, which are strictly non-smoking and controlled by water pipes, to launch an "alternative smoke" offensive, which is rapidly spreading all over the world, perhaps based on the safety considerations of lookah glass for sale oil. Some other countries have adopted a strict ban policy, such as Thailand, which does not allow any glasses to enter the country for sale. However, more countries are basically still in the wait-and-see and brewing stage, because the faucet has not yet released relevant policies.

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  In China, as early as 2017, the National Standards Committee proposed the establishment of a national mandatory faucet standard. According to the timetable, the standard may be introduced after October. "Not long ago, Joel entered China and quietly left the e-commerce platform a few days later. This also seems to indicate that China's glass industry may soon usher in stricter supervision and bid farewell to the edge. Everyone wants to make the world a better place. But for addicted smokers, safer "reduced" glasses may be welcome, after all, it is related to their long-term health and lifestyle.

  Obviously, glass, as a product to reduce hazards, does not fall within the scope of the law. It is only a matter of time before it is incorporated into the regulations. Wang said: "Our mission is to promote a healthier, happier and more undisturbed lifestyle for smokers all over the world." Not long ago, she went to zhongyan in Hunan and saw the huge slogan of "national interests first, consumers first", which was especially shocking. We also very much agree that these two sentences will become the primary criteria guiding all possibilities. "。

  Ying wang said that this is only a short "dark moment" or "short setback". In the glorious history of development, this will not confuse our destination. Perhaps, for "serious" companies like Yuechi, what they want to achieve is to provide healthier and safer "harm reduction" products, and how to supervise and cooperate. But for many Internet users who have been paying attention to glass pipes for a long time, they have more imagination. For example, former 360 investment director Wang yi said: "if we can not only replace the water pipes market, but also realize the health care and fashion markets, this may be a huge opportunity of more than one trillion us dollars!" For example, adding aerosolizable drugs and health products to a glass rod is not a crystal ball.