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What kind of lookah glass cigarette is suitable for novices to quit smoking

by linbin on May 13, 2020
What brand of lookah glass  Many friends now use lookah bong instead of cigarettes to quit smoking. But many people also ask, "Can lookah glass really quit smoking?" According to a newspaper survey, nearly 90% of people who use lookah glass to quit smoking have already succeeded in not relying on traditional cigarettes. Some people will say that I want to quit smoking, but I do n’t know how to choose lookah glass. Yes, people who have just been in contact with lookah glass may not be able to do this. Today I will tell you how to choose the right lookah glass product for yourself.

  The question of how to choose lookah glass is often asked. Let me introduce you to a lookah glass suitable for old smokers to quit smoking. Currently, lookah glass is a smoking cessation product, a cigarette product that imitates cigarettes. It smells and feels like cigarettes. How do we choose lookah glass and cigarette oil?
lookah glass
  For friends who have used lookah glass for a while, cigarette oil is the top priority of the entire beetle. How cigarette oil determines your final experience. Cigarette oil is the most headache for every user of lookah glass. Hundreds of brands Thousands of flavors, choosing the right tobacco oil can be said to be looking for needles in the haystack. "Moreover, the mouth is difficult to adjust, and everyone's taste is different, so it is difficult to achieve uniformity in selection. Therefore, as a newbie to lookah glass, how should we choose the right tobacco oil?

  The concentration of lookah glass oil refers to the content of nicotine in lookah glass oil. Is the concentration of smoke oil generally 0 mg · L-1? Low 6 mg, medium 12 mg, high 18 mg, and now many other concentrations have appeared, such as 3 mg, 9 mg, 11 mg, 24 mg, 30 mg, 35 mg, 40 mg. At present, many e-liquid manufacturers can provide customized e-liquid concentration.

  No or low concentrations are recommended to reduce addiction. Smoking is recommended for medium or high concentrations. When using lookah glass for the first time or usually seldom smoke, it is recommended to choose 0mg or 6mg. Excessive nicotine may cause chest tightness and nausea. It is recommended not to inhale large amounts of lungs to reduce nicotine intake. nicotine.
  This good Yikang beetle cigarette bomb has small soot, zero tar, zero carbon monoxide, no second-hand smoke hazards, no heavy metals, and no carcinogens. The use of oil-injectable cartridges makes the cigarette oil full-bodied and full-bodied, with different flavors of nicotine The small smoke of the salt and sun series is equipped with a smoke bomb that can be injected with oil. The taste of the smoke oil is mellow, ensuring the reasonable demand for nicotine from smokers.

  Lookah seahorse coil healthy beetle smokes, does not produce tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, eliminate hazards, natural health. 3ml atomizer capacity, lookah seahorse coil fully penetrates every drop of smoke oil, the taste is more delicate, can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, simple operation, no key design pneumatic switch gas induction brake, suction, put down and sleep automatically.