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What kind of experience is smoking an lookah glass cigarette

by linbin on May 12, 2020
Use lookah glass, the commonly used word in lookah glass player is "join club". I have smoked lookah glass for eight months. After using lookah glass for about two weeks, a real cigarette has not been touched. The amount of soot has changed from 4 ~ 5ml per day to the current 1 ~ 2ml, and the nicotine content in the smoke has not changed. 6mg has always been the main cereal. In recent years, tobacco oil with a content of 3 mg (nicotine) has been used consciously. In December last year, her wife and her good friend WeChat in Beijing chatted via video. Her best friend sucked two lookah glasses in the video, attracted my wife's eyes and asked her what she smoked. She said it was a lookah glass, and then said that Barabara, the agent who produced the product, said that she and her husband were not smoking now, and that smoking was disgusting. I laughed at myself. I was almost 20 years old. During the intermittent abstinence several times, less than two or three months, the longest is one year and two months, and finally successfully sucked again.
lookah glass
  I want to know where there are such amazing products, basically the cowhide is unbreakable. "Three days later, her wife received Shunfeng from Beijing, a small man (later known as a self-magnet pole), and a large man (later known as a mechanical pressure regulator with an 18650 rechargeable battery), Two bottles of domestic cigarette oil without Chinese characters, 10 ml, one bottle imitating China, and a bottle of American blended tobacco. I asked my wife how much money, and said for a long time, almost 2K ocean. At that time, the heart Stuck, almost half a year of cigarette money is gone. I thought my wife is also for our good, everything has arrived. It is wrong to open the cigarette that imitates China, the taste is acceptable, at least not disgusting, but large capacity The big man is really inconvenient to carry. It is wrong to open the cigarette that imitates China. The taste is acceptable, but at least it is not disgusting, but the large-capacity big guy is really inconvenient to carry. That little guy can adjust the pressure on his pole. The next day, he consciously did n’t buy a cigarette. He was addicted to several lookah glasses. I did n’t expect this thing to really ease I insisted on attending my friend ’s and son ’s birthday party until the seventh day. At that time, a variety of soft China and the world were on the table, making me salivate, and finally I suppressed my desire. When paying tribute to others, she secretly lit a gentle Chinese. Finally found that cigarettes are so difficult to smoke!

  People who have not smoked for a long time suddenly ignited, breathing in satisfaction and joy! Now I think I am used to the smell of lookah seahorse coil, and I have the motivation to quit smoking. "I can't control the guilt and self-responsibility that I can't control, and I also have that kind of aversion to the smell of cigarettes! The party's unexpected gain is that two friends order directly from their wives. One is a woman The friend bought it for her husband. The other one was a man and a civil servant. He sat in the office for a long time and was complained by colleagues about smoking. Since then, friends at every party asked me what smoking , I have spared no effort to recommend to them how good this thing is, and almost every time there are transactions, and then some friends even recommend friends to buy this thing for my wife, then my interest began to think about this purchase channel, I entered X Bao knew that this thing was too deep in the water, all kinds of prices, all kinds of fancy products. "From tens of dollars to thousands of dollars, fortunately, I started to contact a major export brand , The product is better from design to quality. E-liquid is also a large OEM factory in China, at least it does not destroy my understanding of this product. "In the process of finding the source of supply, I gradually learned what is RDA, what is RBA, what is CA atomizer, what is mechanical pressure regulation, what is  pressure regulation, and now the lookah glass temperature control of new products, Even Bluetooth can be adjusted through the mobile phone application battery stick. During this time, I met a lot of patient and sincere merchants, and also encountered a lot of fake, hang sheep heads to sell dog meat. This Spring Festival is when I visit Shenzhen Lookah seahorse coil supplier. Joined the club for eight months today, because of the opportunity to feed the family and the opportunity to contact a variety of different products. This is a general understanding of this product: many novices are attracted to the pit by the thick smoke of the atomizer Here, but most imported mechanical rods are valuable, not at all. "Please ignore it. The price of domestic lookah glass products is attractive, but the quality is uneven, and the majority of imitation seiko. The most important domestic miscellaneous brand batteries are a huge pit. Using these miscellaneous brand batteries on a mechanical rod that does not have line protection at all, the fried noodle A lot of accidents did happen. "But now there are many high-power lookah glass pressure regulators. With sprayers or oil depots, the finished glass bong king can completely meet the needs of the large exhaust assembly 13.