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What is the use of lookah glass cigarette with Bluetooth

by linbin on May 12, 2020
The use of Bluetooth and lookah glass cigarette belts is not a new topic. As early as 2014, some companies launched Bluetooth lookah seahorse coils that can make calls, but they are not popular, which also leads many people in the industry to be optimistic about lookah seahorse coil + Bluetooth. In fact, Bluetooth is divided into low-power Bluetooth, classic Bluetooth and dual-mode Bluetooth. More people's understanding of Bluetooth only stays in classic Bluetooth, that is, making calls and playing music. Low-power Bluetooth technology can really bring lookah seahorse coil into a new stage of development.

  Shenzhen Shenrun Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the sales of Bluetooth module products and the design of Bluetooth solutions. It has recently launched a Bluetooth heating non-combustion product solution. Currently, foreign and Japanese tobacco companies are also investing in research and development of this technology. Lookah glass + Bluetooth technology is getting more and more attention in the industry!
lookah glass
  Why do big factories do this? Why should lookah glass add Bluetooth? The author will deeply analyze the significance and value of lookah seahorse coil + Bluetooth technology from the perspective of lookah seahorse coil innovation, market supervision, improving smoker health, improving experience and increasing user stickiness.

  How close is Bluetooth BLE technology to us?

  From the perspective of smartphones with Bluetooth BLE, Bluetooth BLE has become the standard for new smartphones, with a market penetration of close to 100%. Bluetooth BLE technology is the most popular and closest wireless communication technology to users. It plays a very important role and naturally becomes one of the best choices for the intelligent upgrade of traditional products.

  lookah seahorse coil + Bluetooth becomes an innovation

  As a new generation data transmission technology, Bluetooth BLE is one of the mainstream technologies of near field wireless communication of Internet of Things devices. Bluetooth BLE is widely used in lithium batteries, button batteries and other terminal devices that require ultra-long standby work. Bluetooth BLE not only has a high threshold, but also requires a strong cross-border integration capability.

  He said: "Whether it is to deal with government-level regulations, or through regular and controllable measures to help smokers gradually quit smoking addiction, or even completely quit smoking, or it is more conducive to lookah seahorse coil manufacturers to collect and respond to the market more quickly Feedback on the problems encountered, reducing maintenance costs, Bluetooth BLE technology is the best choice, and Bluetooth BLE technology is most conducive to lookah seahorse coil manufacturers to quickly collect and respond to various problems encountered in market feedback. " Juul and Japan Tobacco are working on the evaluation and research of lookah seahorse coil Bluetooth new technology.

  What is the purpose of Bluetooth and lookah seahorse coil band?

  Glass bong king + Bluetooth is more conducive to the promotion of market supervision

  The Bluetooth BLE technology is integrated into the lookah seahorse coil, activated by the mobile application scanning code, warning minors not to use it before starting. When necessary, you can also add a background registration function to distinguish the age of smokers and restrict minors from using the device. It can deal with government-level regulatory policies very effectively.

  Taking the United States as an example, as the country with the largest sales volume of lookah seahorse coil, the development of the lookah seahorse coil industry has experienced many fluctuations with changes in regulatory policies. From the failure of the FDA in 2010 to the formal introduction of the lookah seahorse coil regulatory draft in 2016, lookah seahorse coil has unprecedented opportunities for development.

  As of the end of 2016, about 9 million American smokers use the lookah seahorse coil, and it is still growing rapidly. What worries the government is that lookah seahorse coil is especially popular among young people. A survey conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2016 showed that 11% of high school students and 4% of junior high school students had used the lookah seahorse coil.

  In response, the US federal regulator recently threatened that if manufacturers cannot effectively control the use of lookah seahorse coil users, they will delete all lookah seahorse coil products. The US Food and Drug Administration is also stepping up efforts to combat the use of underage tobacco products. "In particular, several major lookah seahorse coil brands in the United States, such as Juul and Vuse, are required to submit business plans within the next two months, detailing how to improve marketing and sales strategies to prevent teenagers from using their product.

  At present, Juul is still actively evaluating this new technology, and plans to invest a lot of research and development costs to increase Bluetooth low energy new technology to prevent young people from using its products, lookah seahorse coil with wireless connectivity and mobile phone applications.

  China is the birthplace of glass bong king, and more than 90% of the global lookah seahorse coils are produced in China. How to deal with the regulatory policies of various countries in the market competition and government supervision, and seek future development opportunities, is a topic of common concern for domestic lookah seahorse coil industrial chain manufacturers. The integration of lookah seahorse coil and Bluetooth cross-border technology means that the glass bong king technology has a new development direction, which can further promote the development of the lookah seahorse coil market.