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What is the principle of disposable e-cigarettes

by linbin on May 12, 2020
What is the principle of disposable glass bong king? Disposable glass bong king is a good choice for some smokers, because it is also very convenient, can smoke, and has a certain sense of real smoking, so this glass bong king has a market, but some friends do not understand the principle of disposable glass bong king , And then the editor will introduce it to everyone in detail.

  What is the principle of disposable glass bong king
lookah glass
  The electronic cigarettes that can be processed are controlled by high-tech smart chips and air switches to control the smoke output and working status. "In the electric smoke, the liquid smoke is transferred to the spray chamber through foam nickel and connected through the smoking air switch." The smart chip is driven by the current of the lithium battery to control the spray chamber. The hot wire in the atomization chamber generates high temperature and atomizes the smoke. In this way, a steam mist that simulates smoke is formed, so that the smoke can simulate the temperature of ordinary smoke (50-60 degrees Celsius), so that electric smoke is like ordinary smoke, so that the product user can satisfy the pleasure of smokers and develop for many years At the same time, what is the principle of a one-time lookah seahorse coil, which truly realizes people-oriented smoking. "At the same time, the smoke simulated by electric cigarettes does not contain harmful substances such as nitrogen dioxide, propylene, carbon monoxide, lead, hydroxide acid, arsenic, work, etc., which is not only harmless to me, but also completely eliminates the harm of lookah seahorse coil to the surrounding residents , A truly safe and environmentally friendly smoking process.

  lookah seahorse coil is a non-burning cigarette substitute. In the high-frequency sound wave vibration field, the low-concentration nicotine solution is atomized into droplets with a diameter of about zero. 5-1. 5 um. The simulated smoke also simulates the temperature of ordinary smoke (50-60 degrees Celsius). It is similar to ordinary cigarettes, which is pleasant and meets the psychological habits that smokers have cultivated for many years, and has truly realized humanized healthy smoking. The simulated smoke does not contain carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocyanic acid, acrolein, arsenic, lead, mercury and other harmful substances, eliminating the danger of "second-hand smoke".

  At the same time, glass bong king can help you stay away from the harm of tobacco. By simulating the real process of smoking, smoking, and smoking, you can not only feel the same pleasure as traditional cigarettes, but also slowly reduce smoking addiction, health instead of cigarettes, meet the physical and psychological needs of smokers, and make smoking People gradually got rid of their dependence on cigarettes.

  One-time lookah glass quit smoking principle

  In the early stage of quitting smoking, we must first replace traditional cigarettes, and then gradually get used to the replacement of electronic vapor cigarettes, gradually reduce smoking addiction, and then achieve the effect of quitting smoking. This product is based on the principle of the replacement therapy of Niding Valley. It continuously reduces smoking and salt intake, thereby reducing the physical needs of smokers and quitting smoking, thereby helping smokers to quit smoking.

  According to different years of smoking, the number of smokers and the degree of addiction can be divided into habitual addiction, psychological addiction and physical addiction. For smokers with habitual and psychological addiction, steam smoke can effectively replace the habitual behavior and spirit of smoking, so as to achieve the purpose of quitting smoking. Physically addicted smokers also need personal perseverance to quit smoking.

  Everyone knows the principle of disposable glass bong king. In fact, the principle of glass bong king on the market is basically the same. Disposable glass bong king is loved by some smokers because of its convenience and speed. However, the disadvantage of disposable lookah glass is that it cannot be recycled and cannot be used again after using tobacco oil or electricity.