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What is the difference between glass pipes and water well pipes nicotine?

by linbin on May 19, 2020


  I believe we all know something about water well pipes! Everyone calls it water well pipes, but is it really delicious? It is estimated that it is not fragrant to many people! Now, in order to give up smoking, some people will choose glass pipes, so what is the difference between nicotine in glass pipes and nicotine in water well pipes? Now let's look at it:

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  What is the difference between glass pipes nicotine and water well pipes? What are the main ingredients of traditional water well pipes? Heating non-combustible glass pipes and nicotine transport glass pipes? What are the main components of atomized mist? I believe this is all the questions glass pipes users want to know.

  What is the difference between glass pipes nicotine and water well pipes?

  Nicotine appears in public eyes as a component of water well pipes, but in fact, nicotine not only exists in tobacco leaves, but also exists in various vegetables and fruits we eat every day, such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, mushrooms, broccoli, medlar and other plants, which are considered as human health food.

  Traditional water well pipes not only produce nicotine and steam after burning, but also produce thousands of different substances, such as smoke tar, carbon monoxide, aldehyde, nitrosamine, organic acid, fiber, carbohydrate, metal element ammonia, etc. Heating nonflammable water pipe size chart will produce solvents such as nicotine, steam, propylene glycol, menthol or other essential molecules, as well as tar, aldehyde, nitrosamine, organic acid, etc. Just like the traditional water well pipes, but the absolute number is far lower than the traditional water well pipes (according to the McNeil2018 report of the British Ministry of health, this number is basically less than 5% of water well pipes' combustion). However, water well pipes smoke will produce nicotine, organic acid, propylene glycol, glycerin and essence molecules, but due to strict control of heating temperature, tar, carbon monoxide, aldehyde or nitrosamine will not be produced.

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  Nicotine is a key ingredient in tobacco oil, which mainly makes users feel throat attack and withdrawal. A large amount of nicotine intake will cause serious harm to human body, but only a small amount of nicotine intake will not cause much impact on human body. For example, the tomato we often eat contains nicotine, but it is a very healthy and beneficial food. The nicotine content in glass pipes is very low, so the harm to human body can be ignored.

  Glass pipes uses international nicotine replacement therapy, i.e. gradually reducing the nicotine intake of smokers. Generally speaking, it decreases from high to low. However, even high concentrations of nicotine are only 1/3 of those of ordinary water well pipes, thus avoiding dependence on glass pipes. According to incomplete statistics, water pipe leak repair should be the current nicotine replacement therapy product. Under the condition of high success rate of quitting smoking, besides using nicotine replacement therapy, he has another major advantage, that is, he does not change his habitual actions. As the saying goes, he can also satisfy smokers' oral addiction. This is very important, because a large number of smokers, just can't get rid of this habit, has been unable to give up smoking successfully.

  What is the difference between glass pipes nicotine and water well pipes? Nicotine is no different. The difference is that they produce harmful substances. water well pipes burns tobacco to produce a large amount of harmful substances, while glass pipes produces less nicotine.

  Quitting smoking requires persistence, and it is even more necessary to find ways to quit smoking. Some bad ways to quit smoking will make the results completely different. In order to make people who want to quit smoking take fewer detours and relieve the pain of quitting smoking, bian Xiao specially collected the following methods for quitting smoking, which is a very effective scientific method for quitting smoking. You must not miss those who plan to quit smoking!

  The scientific method of quitting smoking is a method that does less harm to the body and is not easy to relapse. As long as you can master the method of quitting smoking, the success of quitting smoking is at hand. First of all, we must realize the harm of water well pipes to our health. Water well pipes contain more than 4000 kinds of harmful substances, including tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and nitrosamine radioactive substances, which cause a series of hazards to our bodies and lead to various diseases.

  For some old smokers, long-term inhalation of these harmful substances will cause irreversible damage to the body, thus threatening their lives. Here, I would like to introduce you to effective scientific methods for quitting smoking.