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What are the risks of extension of the glass dab rigs national standard?

by linbin on June 22, 2020


  In China, the glass dab rigs National Standards Act, which is expected by the employees in the glass dab rigs industry, is also facing the risk of being delayed or even shelved. Some people in the industry said that since China's "Tobacco Monopoly Law" stipulates that tobacco monopoly products refer to cigarettes, cigars, cut tobacco, redried flue-cured tobacco leaves, tobacco leaves, cigarette paper, filter rods, cigarette tow and special machinery for tobacco, steam glass dab rigs is not one of them. Therefore, the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has not issued corresponding standards and decrees for the glass dab rigs, which has made the Chinese glass dab rigs industry in a "barbaric growth" state. The introduction of the National Standard for glass dab rigs not only strengthens the supervision of the industry, but also formulates regulations and can provide legal licenses for the glass dab rigs industry.

glass dab rigs

  In fact,glass pipes for sale suffering actually has its own reasons: the development history of electronic cigarette oil is much shorter than that of traditional cigarettes. Therefore, there are no detailed medical data and samples to support whether Glassdabrig oil has harmful ingredients during atomization and whether long-term smoking of these substances will lead to chronic diseases or cancers. As the harmfulness is unknown, many medical institutions do not recommend glass dab rigs as an auxiliary tool for smoking cessation.

  In addition, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating whether glass dab rigs manufacturer Juul has used fraudulent marketing against minors. It is reported that regulators believe Juul has promoted the popularity of teenagers smoking glass dab rigs, and have reviewed Juul's early advertising campaigns using young models and bright colors. This also led some critics to believe that the lack of supervision led glass dab rigs to use various means to induce minors to smoke. According to U.S. government survey data, the number of high school students who admitted to using glass dab rigs in the past 30 days has soared by about 75%. This means that about 3 million, or one fifth of the total number of high school students in the United States, have smoked glass dab rigs. It is precisely because of the sharp increase in the number of teenagers taking drugs that the U.S. government has been cruel in imposing severe restrictions on the glass dab rigs industry.

  Industry sources told the appliance network that many glass dab rigs still contain nicotine in their cigarette oil on the market, which makes their safety and addiction controversial. in fact,online headshop cigarette oil can be nicotine-free: a Japanese GIEX company has introduced flexglass dabrigs, which focuses on the concept of "health, environmental protection and smoking cessation assistance". it not only does not contain any tar, but also has zero nicotine content, and is a complete smoking cessation aid. Moreover, glass dab rigs products can enjoy different tastes by simply replacing the atomizer. In addition to the classic tobacco and mint flavors, vitamin berries and tropical flavors are also newly introduced, which can be used as selling points for lovers to enjoy not only rich flavors but also the pleasant sensation of "spewing clouds and mist".

  For China's glass dab rigs industry, before the national standard was issued, the whole industry could only be a grey area. If glass dab rigs is listed as tobacco products, its marketing will no longer be as aggressive as it is today, and the overall reduction of marketing channels will follow. This will have a direct impact on the further development of glass dab rigs and will be a challenge for the future development of glass dab rigs. After comprehensive analysis, we cannot know where Glasdabrigs will go until the policies are all clear.