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Water pipes have taken a big hit in South Korea

by linbin on May 18, 2020


  Glass water pipes makers in South Korea have suffered a further setback after the country's constitutional court swiftly rejected a petition by  an bongs from china industry group, the Nikkei reported on May 9.The group questioned government warnings about such devices.

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  The court's ruling came two weeks after the original documents were filed by the Korea e-tobacco association, as the government put increasing pressure on a once-booming industry in South Korea and elsewhere in Asia.

  India banned jet water pipess completely at the end of last year.

  The association's petition is a formal challenge to the department of health and welfare's recommendations and challenges the department's claim that jet water pipess and heated tobacco products are not a safer option for smokers trying to quit or burn water pipess.

  Specifically, the association is skeptical of finding small amounts of vitamin E acetate, a thickener associated with lung damage associated with vasospasm, in some products.

  The ministry recommends that small amounts of vitamin E acetate be found in certain products and that all lookah water pipe products be discontinued, the group said in a statement.

  "Glass water pipes companies, which are mostly independent companies, have suffered a sharp decline in sales and are despised by society," the statement added.

  However, the court ruled that government directives did not violate the constitutional rights of jet water pipes companies because they were only recommendations, not legally binding.

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  South Korea was once one of the world's fastest-growing jet water pipes markets, attracting the attention of major international manufacturers like JUULLabs.However, in recent years, some government agencies have begun to impose stricter standards on the marketing and consumption of such products and have launched a public relations campaign to discourage their use, including the addition of graphic warning images to all packages.

  A 2018 study by South Korea's ministry of food and pharmacy found no reason to conclude that water pipes online and non-calorie-burning water pipess are less harmful than regular water pipess.The government has also advised consumers to avoid such products until extensive research is done on their possible health effects.

  The ministry of health and welfare did not respond to calls seeking comment.

  Although jet water pipes vendors lack legal authority, they believe that government campaigns have a practical impact on their operations.

  Glass water pipes sales fell 14.2 percent in the third quarter of 2019 from a year earlier and 5.7 percent in the fourth quarter, according to government data.

  Much of the decline was due to the decision by CU, GS25, 7-11 and e-mart24, a chain of four convenience stores across the country, to stop selling fragrant jet water pipess.

  Glass water pipes sales at convenience stores fell 89.8 percent in the fourth quarter, according to government data.

  The decline in sales in the second half of last year was a big shift from this year.

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  "Sales of jet water pipess and non-thermal combustion products increased by 37 percent in the first quarter of 2019, accounting for nearly 11 percent of the tobacco market," the finance ministry said.

  JuulLabs, the leading fashion jet water pipes maker in the us, made its first foray into Asia last summer when it launched in South Korea.The company has high hopes for the market, but its products have been taken off the shelves of convenience stores.

  Juul did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.Juul announced yesterday that it was withdrawing from the south Korean market, where government advice to the public has led to market expansion.

  Some jet water pipes experts argue that making these products harder for consumers to obtain will indirectly force smokers to stick with flammable water pipess, which can backfire.

  The association notes that a recently published report concluded that less harmful alternative nicotine delivery devices could play a key role in reducing the health burden.

  According to the world health organization, smokeless tobacco products do not cause cause and effect in lung diseases associated with the use of burned tobacco products, such as water pipes, pipes, and cigars.

  However, the world health organization says these products contain too much nicotine to help smokers kick the habit, and some jet water pipes companies are already marketing them to young people as incentives to start using them.

  The association said it would continue to push the government to change its position despite the legal setback.'in the future, if the government, including the ministry of health and welfare, continues this reckless government, we will continue to work to exercise our right to protest,' it said.