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Summary of RELXYueke water pipe Press Conference: New Product Spirit Points Released, Financing Data Released

by linbin on April 22, 2020
Just yesterday, RELXYueke water pipe held a press conference. RELXYueke water pipe disclosed the financing information. The accumulated financing amount is 10 times of the second to the tenth, accounting for 44% of the market share. Facial recognition cigarette vending machines, etc. The following are all relevant press conference information.

  On August 18, RELX Yueke, a domestic water pipe manufacturer, held a press conference at the China hotel to officially announce the launch of the smart water pipe print shop. In addition, yue chi also introduced automatic cigarette vending machines and RELXME vertical community at the press conference.

  It is understood that Yuechi best water pipes Ling Point adopts C-type fast charging design, which can be quickly filled in 45 minutes. It is also equipped with four generations of tactile ceramic atomizing core and a new generation of BLE Bluetooth chip.

  At present, Yueerling Point has already started pre-selling through e-commerce channels and is expected to be listed on August 22. The price of one shot and four rounds is 450 yuan. At present, there are two red and black cigarettes with a total of six flavors.
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  Data show that yuechi county's market share is 44%. The second to fifth places were 24% and the others were 32%.

  Jiang Long, co-founder of Guangdong Tide: Monthly Tide's accumulated financing amount is ten times higher than the sum of the 2nd to 10th places.

  On August 18, Jiang Changlong, co-founder of Yue Shing water bottle pipe, talked about rumors of Yue Shing financing at a press conference, saying that Yue Ke's current financing scale is the largest in the industry, and if added up, it is 10 times the sum of the 2nd to 10th positions.

  In the video before the water bottle pipe press conference, Sequoia and its original legal partners appeared as investors in yuechi county.

  Yuezhi will launch the PMTA certification program in September, which is expected to cost US$ 20 million.

  On August 18, Yuecheng co-founder Jiang Long said at a press conference that Yuecheng would start the PMTA certification program in the United States in September.

  PMTA expects whistling water pipes to take about two years and cost about US$ 20 million.

  At present, only iQOS and a Swedish company have passed the certification for tobacco water pipes.

  Yue Chao tobacco water pipes Releases Data from Global Retail Sites: Over 30,000 Retail Stores

  On August 18, Yuechao announced the latest global retail network, with more than 30,000 outlets, more than 20,000 in China and more than 150,000 retailers.

  Yuechi Releases Face Recognition Vending Machine Products

  On August 18, Yuechao, in addition to releasing the yuechi county Spirit Point and Lakmep Community, also released a facial recognition function with automatic cigarette vending machines to prevent minors from buying.

  At the press conference of glass water pipes printmaking, the "private access to microservices" of the rival CEO was kicked out.

  According to the insiders who participated in the activity, Wang sha, founder of the competitor xuejia water pipe brand, attended yuechao's press conference as a low-key media person. Later, he was discovered by sharp-minded employees and was kindly invited out of the venue on the ground that "the company is very nervous (you)".