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water pipe online Brand is an important competitiveness at the present stage

by linbin on May 20, 2020

  The exclusive seller of lookah seahorse coil, an e-commerce company of runsheng, selected jd crowdfunding as its first channel in China. "It was just a simple appearance," liu explained, adding that it was the first time he had communicated directly with Chinese users. With little promotion, EVOVE raised $1 million, 10 times their original goal. The exclusive sale of lookah seahorse coil, an e-commerce company of runsheng, originally reserved half of the finished products produced in the first batch as samples for overseas channel providers, but it turned out that even the samples were sold out.

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  At present, EVOVE has been officially put on sale in micro stores and jingdong mall. The set price of 1 cigarette rod + 4 cigarette shells is 328 yuan, while JUUL's price on jingdong is over 600 yuan, and the price of a similar combination of RELX (yue ke) in Tmall flagship store is slightly more expensive than EVOVE. If EVOVE can offer a better or similar solution to the "whack in the throat" smokers seek, it could be a competitive price.

  In addition to domestic channels, the lookah seahorse coil exclusive sale of our e-commerce company actually has a deeper channel accumulation in overseas markets, especially in the UK market. EVOVE's international debut was placed on the lookah seahorse coil show in Birmingham. Currently, the main sales channels are also dominated by e-commerce, and it has also established cooperative relations with local dealers. For sale overseas, EVOVE has passed food-grade safety tests in the European Union and the United States.

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  Liu jihui believes that the lookah seahorse coil in China is still a problem of how to expand the category. When the underlying technology and mass production capacity are not used as a barrier, what is more important is to investigate the precision marketing of an enterprise, and how to improve the trust of consumers and build its own brand. "It's not like the Internet, it's not a cut-and-kill market," liu explained. "tobacco is also FMCG in nature, and if it can capture 5% of the market, it's already a huge brand."

  "I think RELX has done a very good job in this, which is to take off the hat," said liu jihui. In the exclusive sales team of lookah seahorse coil, an e-commerce company, there are many people engaged in traditional industries, so we still need to make progress in understanding the ideas of Internet communication. Secondly, lookah seahorse coil, due to its special nature, is subject to different levels of strict control in WeChat, weibo and douin and other common channels, so it is more necessary for the practitioners of lookah seahorse coil to reach users in ways they cannot understand.

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  Before, due to the focus on technology development, and the pearl river delta region of the lookah seahorse coil production industry chain is extremely mature, run sheng e-commerce lookah seahorse coil exclusive sales team mainly for r & d staff, the number of about 10 people. After the new round of financing, in addition to strengthening the team's own capacity, he will focus on strengthening the establishment of the marketing team to introduce EVOVE to a wider range of smokers. In addition, lookah seahorse coil, an e-commerce provider, will continue to expand its offline channels this year.

  Liu is still waiting. At present, the relevant national policies are still not clear. Once the relevant guidance emerges, so that the industry can develop more standardized, technology and brand will become the core competitiveness. At present, lookah seahorse coil, an e-tailer, has set up a joint venture company to participate in the joint venture with companies interested in cooperation abroad to continue the research, development and innovation in the underlying technology and to prepare for future wars.