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Water pipe bong phantom lake

by linbin on May 11, 2020


  Haven't you ever eaten pork? Haven't you ever seen a pig run?Never smoked an e-cigarette. Maybe you've seen one.

  You don't need to watch a pig run to eat pork, but for smokers, switch to lookah glass bongs, which are an alternative to tobacco, or figure out the safety of e-cigarettes.After all, it's about your health and lifestyle.

water pipes

  China's leading e-cigarette enterprise fog core technology (brand for RELX yueke e-cigarette, hereinafter referred to as yuechao) provides such an opportunity: invite the media to visit its shenzhen e-cigarette factory, the whole process, the full range of the production of e-cigarette.

  At this point, this move, can be said to be brave!

  Combined with some previous knowledge in this field, it can more comprehensively unveil the "mystery" in this field for friends, and more importantly, it can solve an important question: as a reader of smokers, do you dare to smoke?Should I smoke e-cigarettes?

  The stronghold machine

  Ninety percent of the world's e-cigarettes are produced in China, 90 percent in shenzhen and 90 percent in songgang and shajing streets in baoan district.

  Xie, known in the community as "the old player of e-tobacco", is not actually old enough to retire in 2014, but he has a six-year history of "smoking".

  From "fun" to constant product DIY, xie is quite powerful when it comes to understanding the structure, volume and quality of e-cigarettes.Not only opened their own e-cigarette shop, but also to OEM production of their own "e-cigarette", of course, the product, the market is not so good, he turned the focus on their own e-cigarette shop.

  In his account, in a small area of baoan in shenzhen, there are thousands of lookah glass for sale companies, most of them overseas e-cigarette brands, and more of them assembly companies, or e-cigarettes, that are customized for domestic customers.

  "Customers just have to choose, set up signs and pay, and the rest of us have little to worry about," xie told song network. "e-cigarettes are made in pediatrics.But if it's an e-cigarette, don't smoke it!

  There is nothing safe about it because it can be a serious health hazard.

  According to the working principle, e-cigarettes can be divided into atomized e-cigarettes and heated non-combustible e-cigarettes (such as iQOS), which are mainly atomized e-cigarettes in the domestic market at present.

  Its components are battery, integrated circuit, atomizer and smoke oil.At present, in addition to the technical breakthrough in soot, China has fully mastered other size technology.

  This could be the answer to the "e-cigarette" puzzle, which is all about sticks and puffs, or e-cigarettes, and of course, it's everyone's  question, can e-cigarettes smoke like this?

  Atomizer and smoke e-cigarette manufacturing process

  "Mobile phones, drones and e-cigarettes are the three major electronic products in shenzhen," said cheng. "this is what people in shenzhen say, not the epitome of shenzhen's technological innovation, but the production and trend of e-cigarettes in shenzhen."

  The company founded by zheng xueliang is mainly engaged in the agent distribution business of e-cigarettes.He started out as a member of alibaba's "iron man army" and has long had operations in shenzhen and guangzhou.When he saw the "first source" of the continued growth of the lookah glass industry behind alibaba, he decided to go to sea.

  It's like the fake phone market 10 years ago. It's very popular."E-cigarettes began to develop in shenzhen in 2006, but for a long time, Chinese brands have not been promoted in China, with the exception of yuechao, Mr. Cheng said.

  Over the past decade, cheng has visited many e-cigarette factories and participated in many e-cigarette exhibitions in Europe and the United States.He said the idea that e-cigarettes could "stop smoking" was wrong and would only reduce health risks compared with traditional tobacco.

  "Almost all the e-cigarettes in the world are made in shenzhen, but we don't have a big brand in China," cheng said.It used to be sad.

  Zheng believes that e-cigarettes are a good thing and can greatly reduce the harm, but not all e-cigarettes are good, especially the soot.Taobao (cigarette oil) is cheap, imported from America for $12 and made by others for only $6.Do you think so?

  As a result, the market is in full swing and pollution is accumulating, not only challenging consumers' health, but also fiddling with regulatory nerves.

  Due to this huge niche market, all kinds of people flock to shenzhen to start the "fake" e-cigarette moment.