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Water dog pipes tuyere on: left hand public opinion, right hand policy

by linbin on May 08, 2020


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  From the beginning of the new day, lookahh glass bongs, as a new thing, have been controversial in terms of safety and policy regulation.Ten years ago, if smoking didn't solve the problem, it still hasn't improved.

  Investors seem to be more interested in things that can be "addictive".Some investors told qiyun.com, for consumer goods, investors are interested in high frequency rigid demand strong buyback, such as tobacco and alcohol addiction products must form high frequency rigid demand strong buyback, and users are generally not sensitive to the price of this product, low elasticity, high profit.

  However, when Mr Wu talks about whether the trajectory of e-cigarettes is worth seeing, he worries that addicted countries will have to specialise in e-cigarettes, whether they are electronic or not.He even asks: what happens if you move an bio water pipes with tobacco tax cheese?

  Zhu xiaohu, managing director of GSR Ventures, put it bluntly: "after the block chain, bookmakers are once again faced with the choice of value in front of the wind, whether they make money or not.

  In addition, tiantu capital, offshore investments, top-tier corporate investments and many others say they are still in a wait-and-see mode and have no current appetite to invest.Whether it is product safety or brand competition, uncertain policies clearly cause many investors to delay.

  As a matter of policy, China has been implementing a tobacco monopoly system, and with the relatively traditional tobacco industry in China, it is still unclear whether e-cigarettes will be included in the future system.

  As a result, the above private e-cigarette brands are actually in three product states, with no regulation, no production standards, and no safety certification, with huge safety risks.If we only rely on the industry's self-discipline, there is no corresponding regulatory measures to regulate, certainly not a long-term solution.

  But the regulatory hand is slowly reaching out to the burning fire.After public places in hangzhou, nanning, Hong Kong and other cities and regions banned the use of lookah seahorse coil, the Beijing tobacco monopoly administration launched a sweeping campaign in February to crack down on heating and non-burning new tobacco products.Meanwhile, shenzhen has blacklisted e-cigarettes in its draft  smoking control regulations.

  However, bo pai's capital partner li oucheng believes that more than policy should be worried about the direction of public opinion, the possibility of public opinion will affect the direction of policy.Despite poor publicity and guidance, uhl has led to a rise in smoking among teenagers, which is strongly regulated by the us food and drug administration.

  In fact, many electronic cigarette brand in electronic cigarettes used in the design and marketing of the "health", "health" and "fashion" these three words, the relatively weak damage and absolutely harmless, as if they are on the train and attract new non-smokers, and youth is most likely to be "erosion".

  In response, zhou jie, chief marketing officer of Moti flute, said it should be the industry's bottom line not to induce non-smokers to smoke e-cigarettes.Similarly, profits from e-cigarettes, which are based on harmful health effects, have long been a controversial issue, according to liu ling, a top investment partner.

  Again, the game is one of delayed gratification, exploiting human frailty.In the context of obedience, a double-edged sword can benefit, such as helping traditional smokers reduce and quit, rather than steering the shift from non-smoking to the smoking audience.