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The release of the national water pipes standard will usher in new opportunities

by linbin on May 16, 2020


  It is worth mentioning that the national standard of e-cigarette is finally going to be released, and this release will bring two minimum effects, one is the standardization of the e-cigarette industry, one is the elimination of small brands.Because this national standard is bound to establish some threshold, and the lack of technology and design team of the manufacturer Kenny difficult lookah glass recycler to meet this threshold, so that the industry can be purified.And once some of the near-copycat brands are eliminated, a benign competitive environment is likely to be established.And this will obviously have a better development opportunity for high-end products like platinum, reducing a lot of noise that affects development.For consumers, the experience is obviously the most important part of e-cigarettes. I have seen many people try several or even a dozen brands of e-cigarettes just to find the brand they think is the best.Therefore, high-quality products and high-end products are still a clear development direction, especially after the legal rules are clear and transparent, the competition of low-cost copycat products will be completely suppressed.

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  Wang zeqi said that according to the current information, the national standard will give a clear industry positioning for electronic atomized smoke, and determine that e-cigarette is neither tobacco nor medicine, so that the direction of the industry will be more clear.At the same time, the false hype of various uneven products will be greatly reduced. However, platinum has always followed the e-cigarette standards of the us FDA, and reached the world's leading level in the research, development, manufacturing and hardware of the cigarette oil, so it does not worry about the regulatory risks at all.

  I think that is a tuyere enterprises destined fate, in the absence of rules forms, and after the rules are clear, will ebb tide, the final products will still is leading enterprises, after all, the experience lookah glass platinum of using this product is really to the other, only personally tried many products, can realize the key to the industry.I believe that platinum's high standards and product strength may bring about some cost pressure in the short run, but in the long run, platinum's core competitiveness lies in it.

  The reason why the e-cigarette market is hot and many people want to get involved is actually because the production threshold is relatively low. There is a relatively complete supply chain in shenzhen, so it is easy to produce a brand of e-cigarette.But it must be said that this kind of OEM participation is still soulless, such as some oil leakage problems, heating problems, life problems, etc., can only rely on the upgrading of the supply chain to solve, let alone make their own characteristics and characteristics.In this regard, bode believes that in fact, the threshold of this industry is still very high, but the threshold of production is relatively low, ODM or OEM is difficult to form a long-term competitiveness, whether it is the design of the e-cigarette itself and the research and development of the cigarette oil, want to do a good job, in fact, are very technical content of a thing.

  Platt has the industry's best team of lookah glass for sale developers and designers, as well as a lot of core technology and talent, such as smoky oil's chief developer, Bob Spircoff, who was previously the head of technology at Johnson Creek.Moreover, plateinde's tobacco oil is all developed and produced by itself, and no OEM factory is commissioned to produce, so as to ensure the uniqueness and quality of the products.Such as the platinum, launched a new series of Bling ready-to-use electronic cigarettes with 330 milliampere battery and 2.5 ml smoke oil, compared with similar products on the market at present common 1.0 ml - 1.5 ml, new Bling smoke oil capacity more than 67% at least, this is a research and development strength of the experience, because smoke so high oil content of general technology under oil will become a big probability event.For another example, the raw material and origin of tobacco oil are from the world's top suppliers, and the most important purity of nicotine, platinum DE has been using 99 nicotine in the whole series, while most tobacco oil traditionally USES 95 nicotine.Nature makes a big difference in taste.

  Because penetration of e-cigarettes in China is still relatively low, perhaps less than 1%, and because of various habits, platter thinks it could end up with a market share of 10%.It's already a huge volume market for the global market, and it's going to be a quality market.The positioning of e-cigarette technology will not change much, and platinum's goal is to become the industry's ultimate winner.