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The opportunity remains the same, but different people have different opinions-jet water pipes have

by linbin on May 29, 2020


  In today's serious homogenization, how to form differences, how to achieve cost-effective and how to penetrate into the hearts of consumers have become water pipes online major issues for major industries to think about.

water pipes

  Differences are usually reflected in rational technology and perceptual design. The former is the key to form barriers and may determine the future. The latter is the key to win over consumers and determines the present. All concepts of differentiation should serve people's needs and the market.

  In fact, the power failure of the e-commerce company had a premonition for a long time. This day has finally arrived, which is a relief for the vegetable dog.

  "Because my heart was hanging on every day at that time, when did I stop selling these goods?"

  Last year, when dealers made every effort to replenish their stock and prepare for a double-eleven sale, a circular on November 1 on "Further Protection of Minors from jet water pipes" undoubtedly injected cold wind into the jet water pipes industry. Even though some brands still took part in the "Double Eleven" activities, the results were basically very general.

  "Notice" is only aimed at online sales, not offline. Therefore, some brands, such as RELX Yueke and MOTI, which will mainly use offline financing, may become lucky in the future market.

  Behind the "Notice" is also the concern of the regulatory authorities about minors. Vegetable dogs believe that such a one-size-fits-all  approach may not have solved the problem in essence. 、

  There is no such thing as a double blessing. Misfortunes never come singly. Under the epidemic situation, lookah original design glass encountered another "cold winter", but is this really the case? Vegetable dogs don't think so.

  However, in the face of this year's sudden outbreak, vegetable dogs have not shown any bewilderment. They may have been used to seeing ups and downs for a long time in the industry.

  In fact, the reason for optimism mentioned by vegetable dog and food consumption (ID: gewuxiaofei01) is that his customers have already settled down, and the customers are there and the demand is there. External interference factors will not have much influence. Demand is the essence of jet water pipes promotion.

  "If you are an old customer, you don't have to ask. He just told you on WeChat that I want this. You can send it to me or where can I get it tomorrow."

  When talking about the brand which is more favorable at present, vegetable dog mentioned deeply.

  "At present, there is only one person with profound knowledge who inserted the cigarette holder. One of its target groups is IQOS users. Now IQOS cannot buy lookah rig, so we want to find customers who need to sell it, so I choose profound knowledge."

  "The next plan is to get the IQOS users who are deeply targeted. Then get customers who don't like carving or shopkeepers who don't  like carving. "

  Looking for product differences from users' basic needs is a scarce concept in jet water pipes market. even under the loose environment of jet water pipes, most of the upgrades of brand products are still breaking through aesthetic needs. In turn, many dealers, including vegetable dogs, have seen the future through the change of breakthrough point and the enlargement of differentiation.