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The glass water pipes industry is reshuffling

by linbin on May 15, 2020


  Before the introduction of national regulatory policies, CCTV took the lead in naming the e-cigarette industry "e-cigarette industry" in the 315 party.Because of lax regulation, the e-cigarette industry is in a state of chaos, and it has been exposed to the public eye.

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  At 315 parties, some lookah glass bong review and drinks were reported to have substandard levels of nicotine, some exceeding the limit.The smoke solution contains formaldehyde, propylene glycol and glycerin.Some e-cigarettes release harmful substances that, in addition to harming the health of smokers and passive smokers, can lead to nicotine dependence in the long term.

  He said: "the lack of regulation of electronic cigarette industry, has long been in a lack of product standards, quality supervision and safety assessment, therefore, the electronic cigarette industry through propaganda, have the opportunity to increase user, accelerate the market, but the nicotine and other exceed standard of harmful substances such as the explosion of the three products, also pose a threat to smokers' personal safety.

  Since last year, there has been a wave of attempts to ban e-cigarettes around the world, as governments around the world have tried to change the industry's lack of regulation.

  When electronic cigarette products such as xuejia and yue diao began to appear in domestic music festivals such as wheat fields, flutes and strawberries, free experience areas could be seen everywhere besides advertisements and logos.The promotion of e-cigarettes is aimed at young people.Among domestic e-cigarette consumers, the post-1995 generation has become the main force.

  "lookah glass bongs, designed to stop smoking, are beginning to spread like a virus among young people."Trends "and" youth "propaganda, coupled with the fruity taste of the e-cigarette boom, will make most of the initial entrants abandon their mission to quit smoking.

  In August last year, the state administration for market supervision and the state tobacco monopoly administration issued a circular banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.As e-cigarettes continue to target teenagers, the country has begun to curb the trend by tightening regulations to stop smokers from becoming younger.

  After a long review, iQOS has just been approved by the FDA for sale in the us.But SAN francisco-based Juul company prohibits the government's use of facial recognition technology, and has passed another law: in early 2020, will ban in the city of San Francisco tobacco shop selling electronic cigarettes, unless a specific brand of products get the food and drug administration (FDA) for examination and approval, or citizens will not be allowed to order from the outside world through the network channels.

  Although San Francisco was the first city in the United States to enforce the law, it was the first city in the United States to do so.But San Francisco is not the first American city to introduce such a law.

  The United States, with 13 percent e-cigarette penetration, led the way in tightening regulations, followed by bans in other countries.By February 2019, more than 40 countries and regions around the world had passed regulations banning the use of e-cigarettes in public.

  In China, the director of the guangdong provincial tobacco monopoly administration called in 2017 for the control of e-cigarettes as a tobacco product, the formulation of production, quality and safety standards for glass bong china as soon as possible, and strict regulation of e-cigarette advertising in accordance with the "advertising law".On October 10, 2018, the chief executive of the Hong Kong special administrative region Carrie lam cheng yuet-ngor proposed a total ban on e-cigarettes in her policy address.In February 2019, the general office of the standing committee of the shenzhen municipal people's congress issued the "regulations on smoking control in the shenzhen special economic zone" to solicit public opinions.

  The national health commission is working with authorities to study the regulation of e-cigarettes and plans to pass legislation to regulate them, according to a statement from the commission.

  After the introduction of the national standard, the e-cigarette industry will be under stricter supervision, which will change the obvious legal gap in the e-cigarette industry, and the regulatory system will be clearly standardized.Illegal e-cigarette advertising should disappear, as should traditional tobacco advertising.

  With the implementation of national standards, the e-cigarette industry will tend to standardize products in the future, and small enterprises that do not meet the standards and cannot afford the cost of high-quality products will take the lead in this transformation.The e-cigarette industry will enter the national standards bureau within 5 million, which will take the lead in readjustment of the industry threshold.

  Under the strong control and strict approval, only the truly powerful enterprises can participate in the industry restructuring, grasp the competitive advantage, and become the unicorn of the domestic e-cigarette industry.The original everyone has the opportunity of e-cigarette, will also become the territory of the giant.