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The glass pipes giants are actively "anti-smoking", leaving little time for jet water pipes.

by linbin on May 29, 2020
  JUUL applied for patent of "AI" intelligent nicotine restriction device to help users get rid of "nicotine". JUUL has applied for a patent for a device based on "artificial intelligence", which can help users gradually quit nicotine by reducing daily nicotine intake. In the outside world, this is Juul's latest attempt to restore public goodwill.
  The device is connected with a smart phone, and uses software to learn the usage frequency and nicotine intake of jet water pipes users, and then adjusts the supply amount according to the usage habits of users, thereby gradually reducing the nicotine intake and finally achieving the effect of getting rid of nicotine addiction.
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  In a nutshell, it is to record the user's usage frequency and habits through smart phone application and then analyze them to determine the acceptable nicotine decrement for a user, and then the mobile phone application returns the data to jet water pipes equipment to accurately control the nicotine supply amount for each time so that the user can gradually reduce the nicotine demand unconsciously.
  James Monsees, Juul's co-founder and chief product officer, said Juul had already begun a plan in 2018 to lay out devices that could be connected to smartphones, which could not only be used to authenticate users, but also provide users with nicotine withdrawal assistance.
  The device solves problems for users through artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms, and simplifies operation as much as possible. Even without user intervention or setup, nicotine withdrawal can be easily completed unconsciously. Jet water pipes+ bluetooth +APP is a set of relatively mature technology at present and a solution with lower cost and higher feasibility. it can not only realize the real name authentication function to prevent teenagers from using water pipes for sale, but also add an algorithm to reduce nicotine intake and truly quit nicotine.
  At the same time, if the smoke bombs are reformed, the source tracking of the smoke bombs can be realized, the illegal channel products purchased by users can be avoided, and the losses caused to enterprises by fake and common smoke bombs can be solved. The bluetooth technology of "one stone, n birds" has opened the real curtain of "intelligent jet water pipes". although these functions can be realized for a long time for Shenzhen's chip industry, few jet water pipes are willing to apply due to various factors such as cost and supply chain.
  Perhaps new regulatory measures are the driving force behind the popularization of technology. Fimo International: The traditional cigarettes will be completely eliminated by 2030. In recent years, the international lookah rig giant PMI has been holding high the banner of anti-smoking, but it is only against "jet water pipes", thus promoting the new glass pipesiQOS. PMI has also made great efforts in "glass pipes Innovation". It has not only passed the PMTA in the United States with a huge sum of money, but is also discussing with the British authorities the establishment of a 1 billion pound glass pipes Transformation Fund to help smokers switch from cigarettes to safer alternatives, such as its own iQOS.
  According to foreign media reports, a leaked document shows that PMI funds will be provided to the British authorities and the British Public Health Department (PHE) to encourage smokers to switch to safer alternatives. For example, PMI's own new glass pipes product IQOS, which "does not burn when heated." These documents show that the parties concerned are discussing the submission of a smoke-free bill to the British House of Commons proposing the establishment of the fund. If passed, the bill will help lift the current ban on advertising and marketing for jet water pipes.
  Foreign media commented that this is the latest in a series of actions taken by PMI to win public trust. These actions are intended to change the public's view so that the public no longer believes that smoking is the main cause of cancer, and make the new glass pipes products part of the solution to the smoking problem. Deborah Arnott, chief executive of ASH, said the glass pipes company was "very hypocritical".
  As early as 2018, PMI had launched a controversial advertising campaign, including a full-page advertisement in major newspapers claiming that "people are expected to give up traditional cigarettes". These advertisements have aroused the anger of anti-glass pipes activists, but PMI is still stressing that it hopes to achieve this goal by 2030.