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The dilemma of the water pipes marketing expert

by linbin on May 09, 2020

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  Right now, the lookah glass bongs craze is marketing-oriented.Data show that in 2018, e-cigarette start-ups received more than 100 million yuan in funding, including source capital, idg, an investment institution and other first-tier investments. It was only at the beginning of this year that e-cigarettes showed signs of a flood, all from marketing entrepreneurs with their own traffic.

  The uncle's founder, CAI yuedong, and huang taiji's co-founder, he chang, teamed up to make an electronic atomized cigarette to reduce damage.A week later, an e-cigarette called "LINX rhino "started refresh, followed by the same uncle, visual, military secondary surface and other five media alliances.

  The concept of network marketing to channel transformation has brought new ideas to the traditional e-cigarette industry.Entrepreneurs rely on their popularity and user traffic to promote new brands.

  But after all, the core competitiveness of lookah glass for sale is not in the hands of this group of Internet entrepreneurs, which may lead them to end up making clothes for other people's marriages from time to time."For a long time, the gap between big and small countries in e-cigarette production is not only affected by policy risks, one is that no company considers the upgrading of user experience from the production and manufacturing end to the product end.Second, the production, research and development of cigarette oil in China is still in the relatively primary stage, and the electronic cigarette equipment pays more attention to the improvement of function.

  Internet access to e-cigarettes, depending on the manufacturer's supply, also determines their natural defects in production and research and development under reasonable circumstances, so the direction can only be from the product side to improve the user experience."However, a group of entrepreneurs who have made a name for themselves in the marketing industry only have user traffic.Looking at these e-cigarette products, the difference in marketing mode is far greater than the experience difference in product industrial design and taste.

  The e - cigarette industry is short of product managers, not marketing talent, if blindly build momentum, get cheaper is the original e-cigarette competitors.

  "The product is not their own," zhang said. "users feel good about using your stuff. Next time they will find their own official channels.Many manufacturers are now launching new brands such as McWeill's Vaporesso glass bong king and recreation technologies' conor e-cigarette.

  Ignoring the risk is a compromise between e-cigarette entrepreneurship and the Internet environment. If the success of the e-cigarette entrepreneurship project supported by marketing is rewarded, it may be the ignorance of the rules.Internet entrepreneurship is going through a special period, last year's turbulence in various industries are still "aftershocks", e-cigarette Internet transformation will not even become a heart booster.