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The conflict between e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco

by linbin on May 08, 2020

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  China's 5,000 years of history tells us that an era of turmoil should be a time of contention of a hundred schools of thought, and a time of chaos should be a time of exposed bones in the wild, thousands of miles without the crow of a chicken.Governing the world is the most basic guarantee for the rapid development and prosperity of social economy in han, tang, Ming and qing dynasties.In fact, this is also applicable to the development of the contemporary industry, there is no confusion of industry standards, industry standards are stable, only stability can achieve the further development of the industry lookah seahorse coil.

  "In this regard, the second-hand car industry will clearly and vividly highlight this image," he said.China's used cars have great potential, as early as the 1990s, general motors, Volkswagen and other companies saw this, and in 2000 in the mainland launched the used car brand, brand certification used cars, high quality, high price.However, contrary to expectations, the branded used-car strategy has failed miserably in the Chinese market, where the response has been extremely lukewarm.For more than a decade, only a few CPO brands, such as BMW and Benz, have remained profitable, with the rest losing money.

  So far, models such as sunflower seeds, youxin and renren.com, formed by the "Internet + used car" model, have also fallen into this trap.The vicious competition between the second-hand car industry enterprises, mutual attacks, bubble car, accident car all over the whole industry.

  The automobile industry is not standardized, information is not transparent, evaluation agencies are not guaranteed, consumers do not rely on second-hand car psychology is difficult to eliminate.The business environment in China has seriously hindered the potential of the used-car market.

  Back to the point, the e-cigarette industry has a similar problem.In fact, lookah glass bongs are now "three nihilistic" products, production standards, no quality supervision, no safety specifications, excessive nicotine and other harmful substances can seriously damage the user's health.Second, the aforementioned e-cigarettes have shifted the tax pie. According to statistics, if e-cigarette products replace 5% of the cigarette market share, cigarette sales will drop 2%.Four million cases and tax profits will be cut by 72.The $5 billion tobacco bureau will never let those interests go to corporations, because tobacco taxes and profits are an important source of revenue for our country.

  Finally, countries around the world have different attitudes towards e-cigarettes.For example, Singapore and Thailand have strict bans on smoking in public places, such as Canada and Denmark, which do not ban e-cigarettes but ban the sale of tobacco oil.Overall, this is a limiting trend.Based on this, China should introduce relevant policies to regulate e-cigarettes.

  In short, the state promulgation standard is imperative.Health is the name and ethical high point of policy regulation, the influence of tax is the decisive factor of the intensity and speed of policy introduction, and the international image must be considered under the current international situation.

  In addition, from the perspective of enterprises, industry standardization will greatly promote the development and prosperity of the whole industry, which is conducive to the development of e-cigarette enterprises.However, such enterprise development is based on a tidal wave of screening process, such as last year's P2P industry, a national document, the enterprise has been closed, but the remaining enterprises will enter the exponential explosion of development, jump into the leading enterprise, proud of the group.

  By breaking the rules, the introduction of national standards is not only an opportunity, but also a challenge to business, and if it does not succeed, it will be merciful.The 315 party is deafening e-cigarette entrepreneurs like hayashi.

  How to measure and regulate the contradictory relationship between consumers, enterprises and tobacco bureau is a problem that enterprises must consider.The problem does not seem to have been solved, but in fact it is very simple, just the need to master the Internet gene.

  Metcalfe and the Internet overlap: technology nodes are key

  In view of the introduction of national standards, water dog pipes enterprises need not panic, from the source, established the concept of "e-cigarette is smoke", for the "e-cigarette is smoke" era of survival laid a foundation.Back to square one, McCarthy's 4P theory of the 1960s is still in use today.4p refers to product, price, channel and promotion. Starting from these four points, the author believes that e-cigarette enterprises still have a lot of things to do.