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The concept of glass pink bong

by linbin on April 29, 2020

       First of all, I want to explain that there are two things that most people don't know about real smoke and glass pink bong.In terms of smoke, one is the solid particles produced by combustion, and the other is the fog produced by the high-temperature atomization of liquid. The former is bacon, and the latter is drinking water.

  "It is also easy to misunderstand that e-cigarettes are not a smoking cessation product," he said.His principle is to use nicotine to solve the problem of physical addiction, and simulate smoke and the taste of smoke to solve the psychological addiction to achieve the effect of smoke replacement.Even glass pink bong on Mars cannot cleanse the lungs and reduce smoking.The other is that, in the end, real cigarettes are real abstinence, but glass pink bong is addictive.In fact, it is quite common.My friends' glass pink bong hair burning friends are basically in this situation.
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  Another problem with glass bongs for sale is that when they start smoking, the vast majority of friends are likely to feel they can smoke well without real cigarettes because they don't contain tar and the smoke still tastes somewhat different from real cigarettes.

  Therefore, if you are not interested in glass bongs for sale, or if you have some friends who are determined to quit smoking, it is recommended that you do not buy glass bongs for sale as this may not help you at all.

  So, some friends want to ask, also can't clear the lung, can't quit smoking, I want to choose this thing, so glass bongs for sale and the difference between real smoke, I want to explain, there are probably the following points:

  Nearly all cigarettes are free of tar, carbon monoxide, and other harmful substances.They contain only nicotine, which in itself is not very harmful.It's just an addiction.Of course, you can't eat too much.If you smoke eight packs of real cigarettes a day, you will also be poisoned by nicotine.Of course, before you get poisoned, you can go straight to heaven with the help of other ingredients.

  2. Glass water bong produces almost no second-hand smoke, produces relatively small amount of fog, does not make people feel uncomfortable, and has almost negative effects on the people around compared with the second-hand smoke actually smoked.

  3. Glass water bong can artificially control the nicotine content and gradually reduce the nicotine content according to one's own will, which may eventually achieve the effect of quitting smoking.