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The bio water pipes industry is no king

by linbin on May 08, 2020


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  E - cigarettes could account for 10 per cent of total tobacco sales and 15 per cent of profits by 2020,? GoldmanSachs said in a 2013 report.The wind seems to be high-tech, high-quality talent and high valuation of the industry, is also a very suspicious industry.Such products are seen by entrepreneurs as "tomorrow's", but tomorrow is not so clear.

  At present, most electronic cigarette enterprises are crying out, platinum has been introduced to China, the agent is a strong domestic  company, investment is very large, also has its own mature channels, the brand has entered the Chinese market for two years, but still can not do a good job in marketing, is still in the loss stage.Han believes that the main audience of LOOKAH glass bongs is still men. In the era of community interaction, men themselves do not have a strong desire to communicate and share, coupled with the policy ban, it is difficult for them to do so..

  The American design team from apple's high-end brand has now withdrawn from the Chinese market.

  Jojo, once the general agent of e-cigarette oil in the United States, has chosen a new venture.I retired from e-cigarettes two years ago.In the past two years, the United States has begun to tighten its grip on the e-cigarette industry.There is a lot of negative publicity in China, but it is not easy to do now.

  Some of the domestic and foreign manufacturers and agents cooperating with bridgebridge have also pulled out of the Chinese e-cigarette market.

  Venture capital, after a shooting spree, is also starting to calm down.

  Zincfinance contacted several investment institutions, such as zhenfund and meihua venture capital, to say they were reluctant to discuss the topic.

  VCS are sometimes more like crazy pitches.Industry is created by capital. In this process, capital is a double-edged sword. Sometimes it is crazy and unreasonable.But if you really want to do your job well, you can't be swallowed up by capital.Chen yong used to start a business in the field of Internet finance, after the withdrawal of capital has a new understanding.

  In China, the capital behind the highly saturated e-cigarette industry is crazy, and it's not really good.More and more lookah seahorse coil enterprises disappear, the biggest reason, in addition to the breaking of the capital chain, but also because the industrial chain can not be controlled.

  Wang told zincfinance that he believes there are three main reasons for the disappearance of these entrepreneurs:

  First, e-cigarettes require considerable financial support to break through, and once the funding chain is broken, it is difficult to continue.

  Second, many entrepreneurs create labels when they see others making money, but there are too few teams capable of running and building brands to be sustainable.

  Third, these start-ups have too little productive capacity.If we can't master the manufacturing part, the upstream resources, the game is actually hard to play.

  The game with traditional tobacco, then it becomes a lost control, with no future.

  "Several e-cigarette policies have been introduced: for example, iQOS products are tobacco products, real tobacco, and the sale of e-cigarettes to young people under the age of 18 is prohibited."We believe that the process of establishing industry standards takes time, which gives start-ups the space to build their competitiveness quickly."."According to qiu, several policies on e-cigarettes are already in place: for example, iQOS products are tobacco products, which are real tobacco products, and the sale of e-cigarettes to young people under the age of 18 is banned.

  Run and look for opportunities.Is qiu yiwu gave his direction.

  After the "mad toss," the e-cigarette landing wasn't easy.

  If you think about current smokers, there are a few people who accept seahorse lookah.E-cigarettes initially claimed to be healthy and wanted to play the health card.I want to quench my thirst with poison.""Nicotine is reduced, but carcinogens are not reduced, and the results are worrying in terms of playing games that take advantage of the benefits of traditional cigarettes."Han told zinc finance magazine.

  Liu jiang is the founder of a residential brand.In his view, the e-cigarette industry won't last long, and aside from health, low barriers and other factors, he thinks venture capital is "crazy" right now.

  The "quit smoking" and "health" functions of e-cigarettes were criticized in his circle of friends."When it comes to changing cigarettes,  cigars are the least harmful," liu's friends said.After the hype and the concept of fake health, e-cigarettes will soon calm down.

  In August 2018, the key laboratory of tobacco industry chemistry, zhengzhou institute of tobacco research, a Chinese tobacco company, released the first progress report on the risk of chemical components in e-cigarettes in China.Nicotine levels were reported to be inaccurately labelled;Liquids and aerosols contain aldosterone compounds (formaldehyde, glyoxal, acrolein, etc.).Volatile compounds (propylene glycol, glycerol, etc.) tobacco is dedicated to nitrosamines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, metal elements.

  In addition to health concerns, e-cigarettes will face a new round of policy challenges.