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Summer should be cold

by linbin on May 08, 2020
I am a steam that has not been in the pit for a long time or a short time. Two years ago, I first knew whether it was lookah glass, or because a friend bought an oil-filled lookah seahorse coil. Later, he introduced a drip atomizer and a bunch of oil and debugging tools. It's really a bunch. You can't imagine a big table two meters long. Things are scattered on it. That table is already half occupied. Wire cutters, tweezers, oil storage cotton, resistance test, bottles for chemical experiments, crude oil and seasonings, etc., made people in the past think he was doing chemical experiments.
lookah glass

  My real contact with lookah glass started at the beginning of last year, when I didn't know about lookah glass in one shot, even though they have been popular for a while. But the focus of lookah glass is still the oil depot glass bong king. As a newcomer, I do n’t know how to choose. So I asked some businessmen and friends, including forums. In the end, we chose a finished atomized core and electronically controlled lookah glass equipment, and officially "entered the pit" from that day.

  Over time, I found it very inconvenient to carry a smoked lookah glass device because the battery and oil need to be changed frequently. I am very picky about the oil and taste of lookah glass, so I always bring a bottle of oil I like. Therefore, I would like to know if there can be more convenient and smaller lookah glass equipment? After slowly contacting and experimenting with various disposable small cigarettes, it still cannot meet the taste requirements. Some small cigarettes still need to be replaced with "smoke bombs" or chargers. In other words, smoking endurance is problematic.

  Fortunately, by chance, a friend of mine gave me a lookah glass of green bean flavor with a mirror on it. Since then, I can't run this product.

  The pure mung bean fragrance at the entrance is full and supple, followed by cold, very cold, which is very appetizing to me. It is estimated that smokers who like cold oil will like this coolness. Mung bean itself is slightly sweet, which is a great reduction, sweet and not greasy, and the light mint coolness just complements the protagonist-the taste of mung bean. A mouthful of mung bean flavor, filled with the crispy feeling of bean paste, mung bean flavor, sweetness, coolness, the fusion is very ideal, the restoration is very real, the taste is excellent, I remember the taste of eating mung bean popsicles in childhood and summer A green bean stick-flavored electronic cigarette also contains a strong feeling of youth in the past.