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Nicotine technology will focus on innovation in 2020. Different jet water pipes are coming

by linbin on May 29, 2020


  Nicotine technology has always been the foundation of jet water pipes, which not only determines the user experience, but also affects the product structure and even the entire jet water pipes industry.

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  When nicotine salt technology appeared, it improved the delivery efficiency of nicotine, solved the problem of "jet water pipes don't understand addiction" and made POD small smoke extremely popular, thus connecting jet water pipes with smokers in a real sense and promoting the changes in the product structure and industry of jet water pipes. Nicotine salt has also become the "core technology" of water pipes for sale.

  The reason why nicotine salt is the core technology of jet water pipes is that five years ago, due to the limitations of free basic nicotine, the transmission rate and effect can be improved only by increasing the atomization amount. Therefore, the equipment is not portable, and users need to master certain knowledge and technology of jet water pipes when using it, resulting in a very small number of jet water pipes at that time. JUUL, with its own nicotine benzoate, quickly turned jet water pipes into a mass consumer product. It can be said that without the innovation of nicotine salt technology, jet water pipes will always be limited and difficult to grow.

  Although nicotine salt technology is much better than the traditional free base nicotine, for smokers, there are still some deviations in taste compared with cigarettes.

  Even though the manufacturers have used all the elements in the periodic table once to synthesize various versions of nicotine salt and the taste has been greatly improved, they still cannot achieve the same experience as cigarettes.

  Thankfully, manufacturers with research and development strength in the world have never stopped on the way to explore nicotine technology, of which platinum is one of the representatives.

  First, the platinum Germany "sea salt nicotine"

  Platinum Germany, which started with the production of tobacco oil, is an enterprise that "sticks to the technology of tobacco oil and sticks to the technology". In 2019, it disclosed the news that "sea salt nicotine" was being developed. It was officially announced at the end of March this year and will apply the technology to platinum Germany's new product "Dandelion". It is expected to be on the market in mid-April.

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  Since the technology is mainly developed in the American laboratory of Platte, the authorities have not revealed much about "sea salt nicotine". They have only given a vivid example of "calcium tablets and bone soup" to illustrate that "sea salt nicotine" will have higher experience and better effect than traditional nicotine salt when it is ingested with nicotine.

  In other words, most of the common nicotine salts currently use "benzoic acid", "citric acid" and other ingredients, while platinum Germany benefited from a lot of experience and research and development ability accumulated in the production of tobacco oil, and finally determined "C2H3NO2" after many times of screening and optimization in the laboratory.

  According to the official introduction, "sea salt nicotine" using "C2H3NO2" as raw material can bring the transmission efficiency, absorption rate of human body and taste experience of cigarette oil to a new level.

  Second, like fog "nicotine x"

  Different from the "sea salt nicotine" of Bode, the brand-new "nicotine X" released by Xiwu in April this year mainly upgraded its formula. According to the official introduction of Foggy, Nicotine X adopts a brand-new Lego formula, strictly lookah glass dab rig calculates the acid-base molar ratio balance between the formula raw materials and nicotine, and introduces the consideration of the three-dimensional structure of organic molecules.

  The official introduction is difficult for ordinary people to understand, but guess and reason. In jet water pipes industry, manufacturers  regard nicotine salt as a treasure. Although they have to disclose the names of raw materials such as "benzoic acid" and "citric acid" when applying for patents, the proportion of each raw material is strictly confidential.

  "Strict calculation of the acid-base molar ratio balance between formula raw materials and nicotine" should refer to continuously optimizing the ratio, eliminating useless components and strengthening effective components. The "consideration of introducing the three-dimensional structure of organic molecules" is powerful. A small jet water pipes can also make the article molecular level, showing that jet water pipes are simple in form but not simple in essence.

  Although the new technologies of Xiwu and Baide are all aimed at further improving the taste and experience, the subdivision routes are still somewhat different. On the basis of the existing technology and concentration, platinum Germany uses to further improve the taste.

  Fog-loving people choose to reduce nicotine concentration while maintaining or improving taste and experience. With the release of "Nicotine X", Higgins also made a high-profile announcement to enter the European market, while the EU standard for nicotine salt concentration is exactly 2%. I don't know whether nicotine X, which likes fog, is a compromise to the market or is really innovative?

  All these can only be found by the actual experience of users.

  Speaking of this, xiaobian couldn't help thinking of lookah original design glass brilliant 2019. At that time, there were many brands on the market, and many enterprises were willing to spend time on nicotine. Xiaobian still remembers that in August last year, Platinum Germany led a number of manufacturers and announced the introduction of 2% smoke oil in China, which was indeed a great success. Then the whale could not sit still and soon launched more than a dozen 2% smoke bombs. The two companies compete with each other, probably because the company has a longer history and its product quality control is relatively better.

  Since the two companies, there has been no new news about nicotine salt in the industry until March-April this year, when "Haiyan Nicotine" and "Nicotine X" were successively introduced by Bode and Xiwu. This is, of course, good news for the market. Both brands are doing well and are also persisting in innovation in core technologies.

  Here can be extended a topic, why should manufacturers reduce the concentration of nicotine? One possible reason is the jet water pipes national standard. I haven't seen this word for a long time in Xiaobian. I still remember that last year, the national standard for media hype was about to be issued, saying that nicotine content should be limited to 2% following the European Union's practice. This may be the reason why platinum Germany and whales have lowered their concentrations successively.

  Do we really need to reduce nicotine?

  Although less nicotine means less addiction, it will undoubtedly affect the taste. You know JUUL's success in the United States is due to its high nicotine content and strong blood absorption effect. Which road the jet water pipes industry should take is a question worth discussing.

  But in any case, only by preparing for a rainy day can we be calm. Xiwu, Baide and Whale have accumulated corresponding technologies and believe they will not be too embarrassed when facing changes in the future.