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New zealand's jet water pipes association urges lawmakers to follow the uk's jet water pipes adverti

by linbin on May 29, 2020


  On April 11, according to a report by Vapingpost, British Public Health (PHE) recently released its latest report on jet water pipes. As the new zealand parliament prepares to enact the jet water pipes regulations, the new zealand jet water pipes industry association (VTANZ) urges local legislators to remove the ban on jet water pipes advertising from PHE's rulebook.

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  PHE's latest comment: "Vaping in England: Summary of Evidence Update 2020" points out that misguided fears about jet water pipes are preventing many smokers from switching to jet water pipes, which PHE has long recognized.

  At the same time, although the new zealand department of health recognizes the benefits of using jet water pipes and smokeless glass pipes to reduce hazards, the proposed jet water pipes act still prohibits all forms of advertising. In response, the local jet water pipes  association VTANZ pointed out that there is no reason not to convey the relative health benefits of the equipment.

  "The overall ban on advertising is short-term. We must be able to convey the benefits of our products to adult smokers in a limited way in order to convert them into products with a 95% reduction in harmful levels. "

  To this end, VTANZ urged new zealand lawmakers to review the PHE report. "Britain's gradual and pragmatic policy towards jet water pipes reminds our legislators in time that wise supervision can improve public health. In Britain, the smoking rate continues to decline rapidly, and our parliament needs to reflect on how to achieve this goal. " Jonathan Defree, VTANZ spokesman, said.

  Defree added that the government's restriction on flavored jet water pipes products may lead to an increase in the country's smoking rate. "The British report focuses on how adults like condiments, how they become the key for smokers to quit smoking, and how fruits easily become the favorite flavor of adults. When asked, many worried British smokers said that if spices were banned, they would illegally purchase spices, while other jet water pipes users would smoke again. Therefore, the British government will not ban seasoning in the short term! "

  Regarding the proposed ban on advertising, Defree said that the report also showed how effective the ban on advertising was compared with the general ban. "In Britain, advertising is strictly restricted, closely monitored and clearly implemented. A similar system can be easily implemented in New Zealand, which can protect young people but also allow the industry to promote water pipes for sale as a smoking cessation tool for adults. "

  Despite the wide range of flavors in Britain and restrictions on advertising, the report examined three national youth surveys and found no evidence of the so-called prevalence of smoking among young people. Defree pointed out that Auckland University researchers recently reached the same conclusion in New Zealand when evaluating an extensive 10th grade survey.

  "The British Ministry of Public Health has always insisted that aerosolized cigarettes reduce harm by 95% compared with glass pipes, and its latest report encourages smokers to continue to try to use regulated nicotine aerosolized products. Britain regards jet water pipes as friends rather than enemies, which is obviously useful to them and we can all learn from it. "