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New Zealand Trade Association says government may loosen restrictions on taste

by linbin on May 13, 2020
Blue Hole New Consumer Reports, May 13 news, according to New Zealand media reports, New Zealand's lookah seahorse coil industry association VTANZ representative De Vry recently said that the New Zealand Health Choice Committee now better understands the taste of lookah glass to help New Zealanders quit smoking importance. At that time, we may see some restrictions on the taste restrictions proposed by the government.
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  His comments were made orally through Zoom, including comments on amendments to smoke-free environments and control products (Vapor). The bill was proposed by the New Zealand Deputy Minister of Health Jenny Serra (Jenny Sressa) in February and will be submitted to Parliament before June 2.

  Devere said that MPs have listened to the opinions of many people and organizations and must protect our youth, but also remember that foods such as fruits, desserts and sweetness are the most popular among adults, and lookah seahorse coil is also successful in quitting smoking The essential.

  At present, the government's bill regulating electronic cigarettes recommends restricting the taste of electronic cigarettes to mint, mint, and tobacco only for all non-professional electronic cigarette retailers.

  He believes that restricting the opportunities and appropriateness of adult use of electronic atomization products will only benefit large tobacco companies, allowing them to continue to control New Zealanders and communities at risk.

  He said: "We hope that ordinary retail stores can allow more than three flavors." This will reflect the fact that as many as 90% of former smokers want and need these flavors to stay away from cigarettes. There are cigarettes everywhere, but lookah glass does not have a popular taste, just risking a rise in smoking rates.

  He believes that too strict taste restrictions may also expose New Zealanders to potentially dangerous, unregulated black market products, leading to hospitalization similar to overseas electronic nebulized pneumonia.

  VTANZ is optimistic that the committee will recommend that Congress strictly restrict and regulate lookah glass advertising, such as alcohol, but the bill has not been completely banned.

  The New Zealand government is facing increasing pressure on spending, Devrey said. Now, it is meaningless to have taxpayer-funded advertising campaigns to promote the benefits of transitioning from smoking to lookah bong. Lookah Bong should be able to use its profits to advertise in a limited way, thereby saving taxpayers' taxes.