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Mr. Luo at the seahorse lookah coils, don't have to look after the act as purchasing agency

by linbin on May 20, 2020

  Luo recently moved frequently, in addition to the launch of hard to WeChat social software, but also out of a seahorse lookah coilsFLOW. Domestic tobacco market is huge, but the seahorse lookah coils was still popular, large pieces of options were introduced the FLOW may be able to let more people realize the seahorse lookah coils of traditional values and the dangers of tobacco.

  The concept of FLOW and the world mainstream seahorse lookah coils, is USES "in play atomized smoke", namely a fuselage with special, using salt contains nicotine (used to replace nicotine) smoke lampblack flares. The seahorse lookah coils is often referred to as "smoke", have the taste of cigarettes, closer to even more varied in terms of taste, the taste of the FLOW including baking tobacco, mint, fruit platter.

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  Compared with traditional tobacco, FLOW does not produce tar, carbon monoxide and other combustion waste, which greatly reduces the harm to the body in principle. It is of the same type as the popular IQOS in Japan and the popular JUUL in the United States. It is worth noting that many seahorse lookah coils have serious "leak" phenomenon, so the FLOW designedly "four heavy protection", including the top symmetry oil absorption type screw seal, mushroom ceramic atomizer at the bottom of the cotton, absorbent cotton, at the bottom of the symmetry.

  In addition, since lookah rig is not as intuitive as a cigarette when it finishes smoking, FLOW sets up a vibration reminder, which is activated after about 15 taps. Built-in 320mAh battery, charging time is about 1 hour, full power can be pumped 210-330 ports, waterproof level up to IP56. The 299 model is expected to ship from the end of January.