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Lookah snail how much do you know

by linbin on May 20, 2020

  In recent years, lookah snail has become a global phenomenon. Around 7m people around the world used lookah snail in 2011, according to Euromonitor, a research firm that analyses retail markets around the world. By 2016, that number had risen to 35m. Take a look at lookah snail to find out what it's really good about.

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  No carcinogens, healthier

  Lookah snail is a non-combustion electronic atomizing device, which USES advanced microelectronics technology and physical atomizing technology to atomize the nicotine dilution extracted from tobacco into smoke, humanizing the whole process of smoking. The main components of tobacco oil are VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (food grade propylene glycol), food grade flavoring, nicotine (optional addition) and water. VG and PG are common food additives and do no harm to human body. And lookah snail does not burn, so it does not produce tar or secondhand smoke, eliminating many of the carcinogens found in traditional tobacco. The department of health has released a study which found that lookah snail is 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes.

  No second-hand smoke

  Lookah snail produces smoke that is actually steam and disappears into the air in seconds. Lookah snail has no burning process and does not produce tar and other substances like cigarettes, so there is no second-hand smoke problem for people around smokers.

  Smokeless stink

  People who smoke all the year round will carry a thick smoke, this smell will permeate your clothes, hair and even the items at home, this smell is a disaster for people who do not smoke, presumably a lot of smokers have received from loved ones, children because of the smell of smoke. Lookah snail will not emit a disgusting acrid smell. Now there are many fresh flavor smoke oils such as fruit, mint and ice cream, etc. When you smoke lookah snail, it will produce a sweet and fragrant taste and can quickly evaporate and disappear into the air.

  Not yellow teeth

  Causes the tooth to become yellow, produces the tooth stain the most main material is the burning produces the tar and so on the composition. Lookah snail has no burning process, and lookah snail smoke oil is mainly composed of VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (food grade propylene glycol), edible grade essence and water. Lookah snail produces mainly aerosolized smoke from the smoke oil component, so there is no possibility of teeth turning yellow.

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  No flame, no ash

  Lookah snail has no burning process, so it doesn't produce soot or butts like a cigarette, which is more environmentally friendly. Lookah snail does not burn and therefore does not cause fire problems caused by open fires.

  There is no bad breath

  Smoking itself produces an unpleasant odor, which naturally attaches itself to the teeth and mucous membranes of the mouth. The longer you smoke, the stronger the odor becomes. Lookah snail is a vaporized vapor that dissipates quickly, so using lookah snail does not cause halitosis problems.

  Runsheng lookah snail is deeply engaged in domestic lookah snail industry, adopting the nicotine replacement method recommended by the world health organization, with a professional research and development center, advanced equipment and professional technical team. Runsheng lookah snail has been committed to providing a healthier way of smoking for traditional smokers, and constantly providing consumers with safe and reliable products.