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Lookah seahorse coil is starting a new craze

by linbin on May 20, 2020

The financing of the lookah seahorse coil company LOOKAH Lab in December was good news for the industry again: Altria, the us tobacco group, announced that it would inject $12.8bn into LOOKAH Lab in return for a 35 per cent stake, and LOOKAH Lab was once again valued at $38bn. As of last July, LOOKAH had 73% of the lookah seahorse coil market in America.

  This gives lookah seahorse coil entrepreneurs like liu more confidence. In 2017, liu jihui founded lookah seahorse coil company, "the exclusive sale of lookah seahorse coil, an e-commerce provider of embellsheng", to conduct the research and development of atomization technology and the production of atomized lookah seahorse coil, and launched the EVOVE (100 million fog) lookah seahorse coil brand last year. Atomized lookah seahorse coil USES the technology of nicotine salt extraction, which is more efficient in delivery and can relieve nicotine addiction. LOOKAH is the first lookah seahorse coil brand to commercialize this technology.

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  The unique feature of lookah seahorse coil is that liu jihui and his partner Hotlsh Dumey have years of experience in lookah seahorse coil and tobacco. At the end of last year, lookah seahorse coil, an e-commerce provider of runsheng, completed A pre-a round of financing of 20 million yuan. The investor was mobile capital. The round of financing was mainly used for the development, team upgrade and domestic and foreign channel construction of EUGE brand's next generation products under lookah seahorse coil, an e-commerce provider of runsheng.

  "I didn't expect the domestic market to be so fast"

  Before setting up the exclusive sale of lookah seahorse coil, an e-commerce company run by runsheng, liu jihui's last company was to B, a tobacco oil company co-founded with others, which also performed well. At that time, two things happened in the lookah seahorse coil industry, which made liu jihui feel that the mass market of lookah seahorse coil had begun to rise and could start to the c-end product business.

  The first is that LOOKAH launched a new product in 2015, which officially started using nicotine salt technology. Through the combination of benzoic acid and free base nicotine, the delivery efficiency of nicotine has been greatly improved, and the underlying technology has been changed. Moreover, LOOKAH has designed an easy-to-use closed product system that reduces the learning cost for users and makes it necessary to repeatedly purchase LOOKAH's cigarettes. At that time, liu recalled, people in the industry did not pay attention to this point, thinking it was just a new product, which gave him the impulse to come out and do it himself.

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  The second thing liu found out was that lookah seahorse coil, a company based in shenzhen, started marketing. Before, lookah seahorse coil was more targeted at the consumer group of "Vaper" (a small group of people who like shisha), but now, the investment of marketing budget represents that the income of these companies is increasing, and they have the surplus funds to carry out market education together and promote the development of the industry.

  So he decided to start a business with Hotlsh Dumey, whom he knew from his previous job. Hotlsh Dumey previously worked in the new tobacco division of India tobacco corporation (ITC), India's largest tobacco group, and has a strong presence in the lookah seahorse coil technology and overseas channels. Liu jihui introduces, the two core parts of atomized lookah seahorse coil, one is the smoke bomb, the other is the atomizer. He hopes to make new innovations in the atomizer after technology such as extracting nicotine salts already exists in the bomb section.

  At that time, China's lookah seahorse coil consumer market has not really formed, and in the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries, the lookah seahorse coil market has been relatively mature, so the vast majority of the production of lookah seahorse coil in China will be exported to the European and American markets. Mr Liu believes it is difficult to gain a foothold in the us and Europe without making products with underlying innovative technologies.

  Therefore, lookah seahorse coil, an e-commerce provider, invested a lot of time in the research and development of the underlying technology in 2017. They found university laboratories in Finland and the United States to work on the new material, and in September produced a new atomization technology. However, due to the cost, this technology cannot be used in commercial products.

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  But what he didn't fully predict was that China's most new-food consumers were embracing the new lookah seahorse coil. From 2017, through overseas online shopping platforms such as Tmall international station and daigou, IQOS and LOOKAH have gradually entered the vision of consumers in first-tier cities. At the same time, startups like Gippro and blue and white also launched their lookah seahorse coil products in China.

  "The Chinese market can't wait any longer," says liu, who senses the urgency of seizing the market. Although the self-developed atomization technology is not yet commercially available, using the existing mature technology, the exclusive seller of lookah seahorse coil, an e-commerce provider of runsheng, officially launched the brand EVOVE of lookah seahorse coil in November 2018. EVOVE's bombs are made from a self-developed nicotine salt and are 99.9 percent pure. An intelligent temperature control chip is added to the smoke lever, allowing users to adjust the output power in real time. In use, EVOVE is sensed through the gravity acceleration chip of the body, and users can realize the observation of electric quantity and output power adjustment by tapping the body, which is simple and clear.