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2020CECMOL first lookah q8 review exhibition 2 days attendance ranked first in all pavilions!

by linbin on May 25, 2020

  CECMOL first China international lookah q8 review exhibition from April 9 to 11, since the opening of the number of exhibitors, according to the third China electronic information expo statistics learned that the first lookah q8 review exhibition hall no. 6 number of visitors, buyers, dealers ranked first among all the exhibition halls in shenzhen convention and exhibition center.

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  Every booth is packed with people, which is no worse than the Spring Festival rush! Manufacturers in order to attract more variety, in closing time will come when the hot scene, still remains wei lookah quartz coil to play golf to win lookah q8 review prizes, playboy lookah q8 review bunny, on the lookah q8 review motorcycle girl attract eyeball, willing the guitar playing and lucky the elder brother of the big wheel and Amy dudes trying to brand their activities at the scene of the attract the audience's attention, Lookah q8 review adds a lively atmosphere to the show, with visitors pouring in from other galleries.

  The first lookah q8 review new product release conference held at the same time on April 9 was held successfully, which was highly recognized by the participating manufacturers and was more popular. Ten enterprises brought new products to the new product release conference, and comprehensively introduced the performance and features of the products, representing the highest level of domestic lookah q8 review. Lookah q8 review new products in the cooperation of the models to attract a large number of viewers, most of which are buyers at home and abroad.
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  With the help of the platform of the first tattoo glass rig exhibition, the participating enterprises have played a very good role in their own brand and business cooperation. Many enterprises have expressed their recognition of the first lookah q8 review exhibition, which is said to have brought great benefits to themselves.