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Lookah q7 enail as an alternative to cigarettes is the general trend

by linbin on May 20, 2020

  Lookah q7 enail was a tepid brand of tobacco until fimo international released IQOS. IQOS products starting in November 2014, 2015 mo international in lookah q7 enail types in the market share rapidly rising, rose from 1.5% to 32.7% in 2017, more than 2 industry to the sum of 50, IQOS user growth from 2016 in 1.4 million to more than $2017 in 4.7 million, up 235%, sales IQOS smoke bomb in 2016, 2017, 7.4 billion and 36.2 billion respectively, exponentially, In 2017, fimo's harm reduction products (mainly lookah q7 enail) generated revenue of $3.64 billion, accounting for 12.7% of the company's revenue.

  Why is IQOS so invincible? IQOS belongs to heating and does not burn lookah q7 enail. It stabilizes the heating temperature at 350 ° c through accurate temperature control, and because it does not burn, it can reduce the release of tar and other harmful substances. Basically, it does not produce second-hand smoke, but it gets the taste similar to traditional tobacco. According to a report submitted to the FDA by fimo international, IQOS products have a significant harm reduction effect. The total release of 48 toxins in the three types of heated tobacco products submitted by fimo is more than 92% lower than that of traditional cigarettes, and the release of carcinogens, cardiovascular toxins, respiratory toxins and reproductive and developmental toxins is less than one tenth of that of traditional cigarettes.


  Lookah q7 enail, represented by IQOS, quickly became popular all over the world due to its cool appearance and similar taste, which did less harm to the body and did not affect the people around. IQOS has been sold in more than 40 markets in the world, including Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Russia, Italy, Spain, Greece and other European countries and Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries. Its market performance in Japan and South Korea is outstanding, and its penetration rate in Japan has reached more than 15%.

  Under IQOS demonstration effect, the world's tobacco giants have also launched their own heating not burning lookah enail q7, Ploom Japan tobacco, British American tobacco Glo, Renault tobacco Revo Mevius, South Korea, Japan tobacco tobacco LIL are listed, and because of the heat is not burning lookah q7 enail to obtain the ideal market feedback, the partial products in short supply, the tobacco giants to expand capacity in great quantities, seizes the market, under the impetus of the giant, The market size of lookah q7 enail grew rapidly from $2.23 billion in 2012 to $17.75 billion in 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of 51.4%, and the penetration rate of lookah q7 enail exceeded 2%.

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  Comparatively speaking, China's attitude to lookah q7 enail is relatively cautious. Tobacco is sold exclusively in China. Currently, lookah q7 enail is only based on the "tobacco characteristics" of products such as smoke identification IQOS. In order to release it, it is necessary to clarify the relationship between various actors and clarify relevant laws and policies. On the other hand, large factories like fimo international have a large patent pool, and it is not easy for domestic manufacturers to bypass the patent to launch their own products. China tobacco's current strategy is to authorize all local China tobacco to first try, first launch products to sell abroad, make sure there are no patent disputes, the products are marketable, and then promote to the domestic market. "MC" of China tobacco of yunnan province, "wide and narrow" of China tobacco of sichuan province and "MU +" of China tobacco of guangdong province have all been produced and tested in overseas markets, mainly in neighboring countries such as South Korea and Laos.

  of course, cool lookah enail q7 is very attractive to young people, especially teenagers, harm the healthy growth of teenagers, to a certain extent, this has attracted the attention of regulators, the Hong Kong offer a total ban on sales lookah enail q7, the FDA to IQOS harm reduction product certification is not through, should be based on this consideration. Together lookah q7 enail popularization is not do more harm than good, which consider the stability of tax, and reduces the damage to the health of smokers, believe that the FDA certification will soon have the result, take a step back to see, even if the FDA issued a negative opinion, heating not burning lookah q7 enail can also be in the form of cigarette sales, in the long term, lookah enail q7 to replace traditional cigarette is the trend of The Times.