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After the ban on internet sales, the lookah glass brand VPO microper has publicly completed a new round of strategic financing.

by linbin on May 18, 2020

  On April 8, the news was that the new consumer of Blue Hole learned that lookah seahorse coil, a domestic electronic atomization technology company VPO, recently completed a new round of strategic financing. This round of financing is jointly invested by new strategic investors and old shareholders. This is also the first lookah glass brand to receive refinancing under the dual influence of the Internet ban on smoking in the lookah glass industry and the new Crown storm.

  Hao Xiaomeng, founder of VPO, expressed his gratitude to new investors for their support and recognition of VPO. This financing will be mainly used to promote VPO's convenient bullet exchange package, improve the existing channel system, and recruit more urban regional partners and lookah glass professional partners.
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  VPO Weibo won two financing rounds in 2019 and completed the marketing of 39 yuan V series disposable small cigarette products in 10,000 convenience stores.

  VPO Financing History: Complete a Round of Angel Financing of RMB 10 Million in March 2019; A round of 30 million yuan financing will be completed in April 2019. Investors will jointly invest in Hanting Assets and Maoxin Capital. More than one round of financing will be completed in October 2019. The new round of financing will be jointly invested by new strategic investors and Hanting Assets.

  In the past six months, affected by the ban on smoking and epidemic situation on the Internet, China's lookah glass brand has quietly launched a new round of brand reshuffling. Many brands have been hit many times and announced to close down or switch to other products. Only a few lookah glass brands can continue to operate normally.
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  VPO focuses on the advantages of FMCG and convenience store channels. During the epidemic, the strategy was quickly adjusted and the bullet exchange package "Huan Xing Series" with convenience and high cost performance was introduced. With the help of the original advantageous channels and agency system, the marketing promotion was rapidly completed.

  Hao Xiaomeng, founder of VPO, said jet water pipes, VPO's wake-up package will help channel agents to better help win customers and market promotion during the epidemic and economic downturn. The company will provide 100,000 sets of replacement package subsidies to agents with cooperation and potential cooperation potential so that more Chinese consumers can experience atomized products of new technologies through humanized products.

  Meanwhile, VPO said lookah bong will also focus on overseas markets with one-off v-series products.