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Is water pipe parts web celebrity delivery the essence of business?

by linbin on May 09, 2020

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  Among the most popular of the e-cigarette start-ups are the same founder, uncle CAI yuedong, and former think tank executive zhu xiaomu.Their entrepreneurial mentality is also worth remembering.

  After legg mason paid $200m for the same culture, Mr CAI cashed in about $178m.In August last year, CAI yuedong set up the black swan workshop to invest in early-stage short film incubation projects.I'm afraid the reason lookah glass are so fast is that water no longer lands easily in short videos.Although he has no official account, the same uncle's personal charm still exists, spreading through the circle of friends and selling 5 million copies in a single day.

  CAI yuedong, the founder of the same uncle.

  Coincidentally, zhang jinyuan, who took over as CEO, also turned to e-cigarettes.Mr Zhang, Mr CAI's tsinghua brother and a former investor, has since taken over as chief executive and painted a granier picture of the same culture, Disneyland Oriental.

  But the vision of "Disneyland Orient" may still be too ambitious.After all, in recent years, both the entertainment and real estate industries have liked to promote their desire to be Disney.Wang jianlin, a former tycoon including wang jianlin, said it was not easy for Shanghai Disney to be a big success in 20 years, nor for a media company to be a Disney.

  Since last year, regulators have exercised unprecedented control over the entire media industry.The network information office interviewed tencent, weibo, jinrijuo and other platforms, and took centralized action to clean up a series of problems existing in self-media.On the capital side, several cases of media acquisitions by listed companies have been halted by exchanges.

  There seems to be little growth in self-media, which relies on advertising to make money, and lookah glass for sale outlets, while risky, are worth the risk.No one will admit that they want to make quick money, but it is human nature to look for advantages and avoid disadvantages.E-cigarettes are a very different industry.

  Internet celebrities bring goods to feed a lot of companies in hangzhou, you will find a lot of Internet celebrities drive ferraris, the gross profit of this industry is up to 25%, but Internet celebrities do not control the production of clothing, also do not control the raw materials, this sells very well, give me an order to let the factory production, with red man traffic to sell things."Aren't there many ways to sell e-cigarettes in the same way?""Said one investor bluntly.

  As with rhinoceros LINX, private sector traffic is indeed one of the competitive advantages of self-media entry through the combination of head-shaped self-media matrices.More than seven domestic media companies have set up teams to prepare for cross-border e-cigarettes, according to a "steam closed-door meeting" of e-cigarette industry media.

  There may not be much of an idealistic atmosphere in the media, but Hammer 001 employee zhu xiaomu has changed or really impressed some people who don't like business people.

  The message of entrepreneurship is very vague.In December, Mr. Zhu also dismissed rumors on weibo that he had not left.The next month, luo yonghao announced his business at a press conference in tianbao, liaoning province.Given zhu's current weibo credentials and vice President of Smartisan user experience center, as well as luo yonghao's visit to shenzhen's e-cigarette industry chain several years ago, it cannot be denied that the project was hatched in a hammer.

  'there is a huge conflict between English celebrities and the Chinese name fu lu when it comes to brand names,' Mr. Zhu wrote on his weibo account, which made people laugh and cry.The comparison between his previous and subsequent ventures is also a bit sad.

  Since the establishment of Smartisan six years ago, the Matthew effect of the mobile phone industry has become more and more obvious.Once upon a time, luo yonghao stood on the stage and said to the people below: "you are now in a not so ideal mediocre era."But after challenges such as ticket jumping, insufficient capacity and capital chain crisis, Mr. Luo has become less paranoid.

  In contrast to the ambitious redefinition of the industry, Mr Lo is clearly beginning to follow business rules, cycles, outlets and markets.From standing up for himself, facing difficulties and killing the most difficult mobile phone hardware business, to now clenching his fist and selling chat LABS and glass bong king, Mr. Lo's story can be described as a model of how times have changed.

  This is by no means a one-man shift.In 2019, with the mobile Internet dividend decreases, entrepreneurship has burst, the word may be in the future for a long time, like Luo Yonghao entrepreneurs will be less and less, they will change the mediocre, prove their abilities, and an obsessive mind, and with clear cash such as electronic cigarettes implementation pattern of project will be more popular - even if they can only carry the timing of cash flows and regulatory closed.