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Is water heater pipe leak market Meituan entering the market again?

by linbin on May 15, 2020


  An e-cigarette, happy as a fairy!"Under the pressure of various anti-smoking scenarios, e-cigarettes especially want to find a new way  out, and with the support of health, e-cigarettes also want to wash themselves and bloom.The new news is that Meituan also appears to be entering this space (July 28, according to PS:, the main operator of Meituan, Beijing sanfei technology co., LTD.).By adding retail tobacco (including e-cigarettes) to the mix, the "big man" who wanted to share bikes seemed to have developed an obsession with the limitless scope of the market.Not to mention the future, the current water pipes for sale industry is really a new outlet, is not the e-cigarette disaster?

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  From January to December 2018, China's cumulative cigarette output stood at 233,562 trillion cigarettes, according to the "analysis report on market demand forecast and investment strategy planning of China's tobacco industry" released by the China institute of tobacco industry.In 2018, the total industrial and commercial tax revenue and profits of the tobacco industry reached 11,556 trillion yuan, an increase of 3.69 percent over the same period last year.

  A crazy number is that China, with about 350 million smokers, is the world's largest consumer and producer of tobacco, accounting for 44 percent of the world tobacco market.With a large number of smokers, the domestic e-cigarette market has great potential for development.Assuming that the penetration rate of e-cigarettes will reach 10% in the future, the corresponding market size will reach 100 billion.

  Like the hundreds of billions of dollars in marketing impulses, so are e-cigarette profits."Some argue that if traditional cigarettes can be made 10 or even 50 times more profitable than their cost, e-cigarette margins will be higher only because of the different molds and different types of bombs.Under the stimulation of such profits, it is impossible for capital not to intervene crazily!In fact, capital is crazy!

  Repeating the millennium youth league war, will Meituan reap when he enters the game?

  The data show that the number of king volcano bong related businesses has been growing.From 2014 to 2018, the number of e-cigarette enterprises increased by 85, 1122, 1502, 1834 and 1,170, respectively.The number of e-cigarette related businesses has continued to grow this year.The scariest part is that according to the survey "search for e-cigarettes in tianya", there are currently 20 project brands and investment institutions, and the number of related companies is more than 100,000.

  In fact, e-cigarettes are now recognized by more and more ordinary people, more due to the exposure of luo yonghao who loves crosstalk and 315 CCTV.

  But, it doesn't matter, what matters is that Meituan is here, what does Meituan really want?

  There is no denying that wang xing won the war in the era of "hundred alliances", so he won the competition against the hungry bar several times.However, is the painting style of Meituan still the same as that in those days, and do you still want to harvest all the players?

  The Meituan dianping family lost $115.5 billion on the back of its travel business, mostly motorcycles, according to a public investigation by Meituan.Some argue that Meituan is the result of horse pens and rampant expansion.However, under the pressure of survival, Meituan needs to enter a new industry to change the direction of the big ship, and this industry may be e-cigarettes!

  Maybe it's too early to talk about Meituan's gains!Maybe Meituan can't be alone!

  Is the glass bong china industry just another chicken's nest to regulate or strengthen?

  The reason is relatively simple. Behind the explosive growth, the hidden problems of the e-cigarette industry are becoming more and more prominent.In particular, 315 this year opened the dark curtain of the e-cigarette industry, making this seemingly sunrise industry faced with very strict regulation.

  According to the standardization administration's website, the project status of the national standard development plan for e-cigarettes has entered the "approval" stage, which means the regulation of e-cigarettes by legislation has entered the fast track.How many businesses would be shocked if regulation were in place?

  In fact, in the e-cigarette industry, the development of non-standard e-cigarettes has turned them into works of art. Under the cloak of "health", e-cigarettes are almost hit with the title of "quit-smoking device".However, I would like to say that e-cigarettes, still cigarettes, in various non-smoking places, can still be smoked?The answer is impossible.

  In the future, when the camouflage of e-cigarette is torn off, this industry is still a sunrise industry, Meituan did not fall into the hole?Is the e-cigarette industry, like bike-sharing, a disaster for e-cigarettes?