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Is glass water pipes lung disease the new crown pneumonia? The new round of glass water pipes rumors

by linbin on June 02, 2020


  People sit at home and pots come from the sky. As the new crown pneumonia began to proliferate in Japan, South Korea, Italy, the United States and other countries, some guess screenshots related to glass water pipes began to spread in various WeChat groups and microblogs.

water pipes

  Blue Hole noticed that two screenshots of articles published in 2019 were widely disseminated by WeChat. All of these red circles are suspected to imply that pulmonary diseases related to electronic atomization occurred in the United States in 2019, and these symptoms are very similar to those of the current new crown pneumonia, and are not all related to lookah glass bong review, so the electronic atomization pulmonary diseases in the United States may be the new crown pneumonia? This screenshot further conveys the information of "unknown lung disease" and "widespread death". It seems to suggest that the spread of electronic atomization lung disease in the United States is widespread and has caused death. At present, scientists and medical professionals in various countries are looking for the cause and effect of the new coronal pneumonia that broke out in 2020, such as the cause of disease, such as effective treatment methods and blocking methods.

  Before the authoritative information completely confirmed at the national level is finally released, various conspiracy theories and rumors are always on the market. Some people see wind as rain and spread wildly on social platforms. In fact, many people do not know the real information and the latest information about the electronic atomization lung disease, and simply rely on the above two 2019 news screenshots to suggest whether it is related to the new crown pneumonia. Those who see these two screenshots may naturally draw two conclusions.

  One is to find out whether the electronic atomization lung disease in the United States is the new crown pneumonia, with outbreaks, deaths and similar symptoms in all states. You see, the United States broke out last year, so the pot started in the United States. If you think so, we think you can join the Five Mao Party.

  The second is to find out whether smoking glass water pipes will lead to new crown pneumonia. According to the news report, you see that the above symptoms and deaths are all related to glass water pipes. You are so scared. You who sell lookah glass dab rigs deserve to die. You still dare to smoke glass water pipes.

  If you think so, we think that you can be included in the frog at the bottom of the well. Rumors in the era of social networks always spread very fast, but they are falsified very fast. For example, these two screenshots will soon be falsified by Blue Hole.

  Why do you say that the above two conclusions deduced from the screenshots are rumors and there are a lot of public information that can be refuted, but most people eat melons in general and would rather believe in rumors than seriously study and improve themselves. Blue Hole's Serious Denial Begins.

  As of February 4, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has received reports of 2758 hospitalized cases of electronic atomizing pulmonary diseases and deaths from 50 states, the District of Columbia and two U.S. territories. Of these, 64 deaths have been confirmed in 28 states and the District of Columbia. What is more exaggerated is that all the states in the United States are not immune. Is this very similar to the map of the new crown pneumonia that is currently in vogue? The people who had no brains to eat melons did not spread this screenshot, otherwise their conclusion would be more justified.

  What are the latest facts and facts? In fact, the latest situation of water pipes for sale atomization lung disease in the United States is that it has dropped from the outbreak in September last year to now. The CDC used to update patient data and death data every Thursday. Weekly updates have not been carried out since January. The latest information was released on February 11, 13 days have passed. What does this mean? Do you mean the CDC is lazy? Of course not, this is because they think that the electronic atomization lung disease has been seriously reduced and has been controlled.

  US CDC official website wrote that active case reports from health departments in various states across the country showed a sharp increase from August 2019, and after reaching a peak in September, lung disease visits related to electronic atomization continued to decline.

  The reasons for the decline may be multifactorial and may be related to the following reasons.

  1. Due to the rapid public response to health, public awareness of the risks associated with the use of electronic aerosolized products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has increased.

  Interpretation: That is, more and more people think that using a certain product is risky and then reduce its use, which is equivalent to  isolating a certain risky product.

  2. Increased enforcement actions related to illegal products.

  Interpretation: After the United States found the cause of electronic atomization lung disease, it began to enforce the law on the black  market THC market. Many black market merchants stopped trading and reduced the purchase and use of users.

  3. Vitamin E acetate has been removed from some products.

  Interpretation: This certain product has been identified by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC sesame oil, and the culprit is vitamin E acetate added to illegal THC.