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How to replace the disposable lookah glass cigarette

by linbin on May 12, 2020
How to replace disposable lookah glass? One-time lookah glass is irreplaceable, because one-time lookah glass cannot be recharged, one-time glass bong king is the size of real smoke, the battery cannot be recharged, and smoke oil cannot be added. "After you buy it back, you can smoke directly. Generally speaking, you can smoke dozens of cigarettes, and there will be no electricity. Disposable cigarettes should be thrown away after smoking, and the taste is average. It is recommended that you use oil storage lookah glass, the effect will be better.
lookah glass
  One-time lookah glass does not need to be charged, and there is no need to replace cigarette bombs. Smokers only need to carry lookah glass out, and do not need to carry heavy chargers and other accessories.

  Due to the completely enclosed design of disposable lookah glass, the operation links such as charging and replacement of cigarette bombs are reduced, the occurrence of failures is reduced, and the problems of circuit failure and liquid leakage that cannot be solved by rechargeable lookah glass are completely solved.

  Measures for using disposable lookah glass:

  1. When using, be careful not to pump too much, but to suck too much. When the smoke is drawn too strongly, the smoke will be indirectly sucked into the mouth and will not be atomized by the sprayer. So, if you smoke quietly, you will smoke more.

  Second, when smoking, please kiss carefully for a long period of time, because prolonged smoking will cause the smoke in the bomb to be completely atomized by the sprayer, resulting in more smoke.

  3. Pay attention to the angle of use, insist that the mouthpiece is upward, and the stick is inclined downward. If the mouthpiece is upward and downward, due to gravity, the smoke will naturally flow into the inlet.

  4. When the smoke liquid is sucked into the mouth, take out the cigarette bomb, wipe and clean the excessive smoke liquid spilled out of the mouthpiece and under the atomizer.

  How to replace disposable lookah seahorse coil It can be seen from the above that the disposable lookah glass cannot be replaced unless a new product is repurchased, because the battery and cigarette oil of the disposable lookah glass are fixed and cannot be replaced after they are used up. Therefore, in order to use disposable lookah glass, it is recommended that you can purchase a replacement lookah glass.