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How about e-cigarettes? Comprehensive analysis!

by linbin on May 09, 2020
How about lookah glass? lookah is in the lookah glass circle. It ’s just a regular cigarette bomb type of small cigarette, which is highly concerned, and it should be partly promoted to the public. A small cigarette with the same shape has been on sale early in the circle. Below we look at it from three directions.

  At present, the production of lookah glass is all in Shenzhen, where upstream and downstream enterprises gather. The quality of the products has already looked at the taste and taste of lookah glass. In fact, it is basically homogenized seriously. It is difficult to distinguish who wins. Especially in the taste of cigarette oil, the flavor ratio of different brands is different, it depends on customers to choose their own suitable products.
lookah glass
  Then comes the product quality. Although each manufacturer claims that it has independent R & D capabilities and its own factory, it is actually produced by major foundries, and it has no ability to undertake R & D and production alone. Therefore, the specific quality still depends on the strength of the foundry. At present, the quality control of lookah glass has picked up, but the first and second generation cartridges will still leak oil. This should be related to the design structure of the cartridge. However, the price-performance ratio of the first generation is still the highest. Now the fourth generation is unlimited, and the pricing is slightly higher than the first generation. The starting point of the design should be to replace the first generation, but from the perspective of sales, the effect is not ideal. Other manufacturers also have different levels of performance for product quality, both good and bad.

  From the perspective of first-line sales, customers will purchase a new generation because of the influence of lookah glass's popularity, and they will choose to replace other brands and other models of lookah glass to varying degrees.

  So my opinion is that lookah glass is quite satisfactory as a novice entry model, and then you can replace the one that suits you according to your actual experience.

  Eight-year-old smoker, I do n’t know how many ways to quit smoking, but I ended up with failure. Until I met lookah, I have been using it for a week now. The effect of RELXlookahlookah glass is better than I thought. The important thing is that there is no discomfort during the process.

  The first time I bought lookah glass, it was not particularly convenient for my friends who tried it before, and it was a bit hot. I bought the RELXlookah glass with a try mentality. It has been used for three days and it is very easy to use! It is very convenient. You can smoke it when you pick it up, and you can directly change it without a smoke bomb. The taste and lung-feeling are very similar to real cigarettes. If you want to quit smoking, you are definitely recommended to buy it!

  I have also used other lookah glass before, which is the kind of simulated smoke. If the power is insufficient, we must continue to refuel, and if it is not well, it will leak oil, which is super troublesome. This is very good, the electricity is not a problem for a day, and the smell of smoke bombs is also good, especially the taste of the mint sent is very good. But there is a problem, when the oil of the smoke bomb is half pumped, there will be random oil leakage and no smoke, please improve as soon as possible! The effect of quitting smoking is very obvious. I take a pack of cigarettes a day, and these two days have been reduced to two cigarettes a day. I feel that the effect is still very good.

  The RELXlookah glass battery can be used for three or four days, and the smoke bomb can also be smoked for three or four days. It is very convenient to go out and use. The mint flavor is very comfortable. You can take it with you on the plane, but remember to take it out separately and put it in a small bag, otherwise the pressure Changes will leak out.

  Lookah glass uses a 350mAh capacity. Lookah glass has a Micro-USB charging port at the bottom of the cigarette rod to support a 24-hour experience. Lithium polymer battery with innovative film heating patch technology reduces the power consumption of lookah glass and improves the overall The endurance performance, and the automatic induction power supply technology when inhaling, also allows every minute of electricity to be used.

  In view of the safety problems of the lookah glass on the market, there are built-in triple safety protection functions. A drop-shaped LED state breathing lamp is built in the front of the cigarette rod. It will be in a constant state when charging. When it is in short circuit protection, the breathing lamp will flash 3 times. ; The breathing light will also flash 3 times when in over-suction protection; and when the low-pressure protection, the breathing light will flash 10 times, the user can identify according to different states of the breathing light.

  How about lookah glass? From the above three directions, lookah glass knows that the evaluation is relatively good, and the user's real experience reviews are also favorable. In terms of product evaluation, it is a relatively good product, so novices can choose to start.