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House of flying daggers with glass pipes

by linbin on May 16, 2020


  In 2019, if the hardware industry needs to pick out the top 10 hottest events of the year, there must be one about e-cigarettes. Otherwise, the hype about e-cigarettes will be a huge failure.

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  On nov 1, the state administration for market supervision and the state tobacco monopoly administration issued a circular urging e-commerce platforms, self-owned apps and other Internet platforms to remove lookah dab rig products in a timely manner.A week later, on Nov. 8, the authors found that major mainstream e-commerce platforms had been completely removed from e-cigarette shelves.In fact, e-cigarettes are still sold on Tmall, JD and other e-commerce platforms after the state administration for market supervision and the state tobacco monopoly administration issued relevant notices.Com, and the promotion of "Double 11" has not been suspended.

  On November 5, supervision and regulation department, said an official with the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration monopoly on tobacco monopoly in the field of regulators is working with relevant law enforcement is the main e-commerce platform for joint negotiations, urging them to close the electronic cigarette store in time, the electronic cigarette product removed from shelves, and says it will take more stringent regulatory measures.

  With tighter regulations, e-cigarettes have been forced to "disconnect" from the Internet and will not survive the upcoming double 11.On the evening of the 5th, JD.Com blocked keyword searches for "e-cigarette" and some e-cigarette brands, and number 6 completely deleted all e-cigarette stores and products.Alibaba announced Thursday that the platform will be removed from the shelves of e-cigarette products from now on.8, the author found Tmall, taobao, JD and other mainstream e-commerce platforms.Com, pinduoduo, pinduoduo and other major e-commerce platforms have been completely removed from e-cigarette shelves.

  A stone may make a thousand waves.On Nov. 13, chongming court in Shanghai held a public hearing to hear the first case involving e-cigarette crime accepted by chongming court in Shanghai, and made a judgment in the court.The court sentenced jiang and jiang to seven months in prison and four months in criminal detention, with fines of 10,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan, respectively, the newspaper reported glass bong online.

  On Nov. 15, apple removed all 181 e-cigar-related apps from the AppStore.

  For e-cigarette practitioners, this is good news: non-news-good news (no news).

  Those who know about the e-cigarette industry know that e-cigarettes have been produced and exported in China for years, and the sudden explosion in the second half of 2018 is also their soil.

  Internet entrepreneurship and capital are getting faster and faster.

  E-cigarette features for capital and the Internet provide a good project option for the media to listen to who's opinion on capital?However, driven by capital, the media continues to grow the pie, and e-cigarettes have become a "gold mine" for entrepreneurs.

  Impetuous entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial environment

  In recent years, the real estate windfall is not sustainable, the manufacturing environment is not ideal, how can those liquidity find a new profit zone?

  5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, large investment in research and development, too long cycle of capital recovery;The  scale of the mobile phone industry is too large, the capital requirements are too high, the capital requirements are too large, inappropriate;What industries can meet the short-term, rapid return of capital to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who have become wealthy overnight?

  E-cigarettes are good.Given the low lookah glass bong technological threshold of products and the mature system of the upstream and downstream supply chain from product development to manufacturing, e-cigarettes have become one of the best options for working capital.

  For the e-cigarette industry, the lack of popularity and hype, how to let more Internet users and smokers understand this product, familiar with this kind of products, until the end of the use of this product, publicity and hype are extremely important.

  Ninety percent of people in the industry know they've worked for a year or two and made a lot of money.Therefore, in the absence of industry standards, the industry chain is crazy: there are various parts, materials and even processes in the supply chain, and there is no pricing standard.As a user, you can buy a cigarette for $300 or $50.

  Because tobacco is a consumer food, is a direct contact with the mouth and mouth of consumer goods.Confusion over product standards and production conditions has led to some e-cigarette accidents, such as battery explosions and even deaths.In the Internet age, the identity of e-cigarettes is especially sensitive, and any imprudent behavior will be criticized by the Internet, experts and all kinds of critics. The e-cigarette industry's impact on China's economy is not as big as it thinks, and the boost to the whole economy is negligible, which is surely much worse than the real estate.Therefore, this standard will certainly not be issued in the near future, if the industry has a great impact on the Chinese economy, or if the e-cigarette industry is too chaotic to understand, there may be some new measures and standards.