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Glass water pipes industry, questioning and regulation

by linbin on April 23, 2020
Price war is a difficult problem that glass water pipes entrepreneurs must face. But when they entered, they knew there were still two mountains in the glass water pipes industry.

  Most glass water pipes products are labeled healthy and fashionable on their packaging. Hussa told the IT Times that in his 10 years of playing glass water pipes, he found that the promotion of glass water pipes products was gradually turning to fashionable playthings.

  This means glass water pipes are getting closer to young people.

  According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1.5 million secondary school students in the United States used glass water pipes in 2018, an increase of about 71% over 2017, while according to data from the World Health Organization, teenagers exposed to glass water pipes are twice as likely to become smokers.

  Don't American teenagers plan to smoke because they catch up with the trend and smoke glass water pipes, thus turning them into smokers?

  Perhaps American teenagers do not know what the essence of seemingly healthy glass water pipes is.
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  At present, many countries, such as the United States and South Korea, have classified glass water pipes grass as a tobacco product, while Austria, Belgium and other countries consider glass water pipes grass as a medical product.

  Domestic regulators have not yet formally qualified glass water pipes. However, according to the new "Regulations on Smoking Management" issued by Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, smoking refers to the use of glass water pipes, holding other lit or heated tobacco products and tobacco products made entirely or partially of tobacco as raw materials for smoking, smoking, chewing, nasal smoking and glass water pipes. This means that the Shenzhen government has listed glass water pipes as tobacco.

  Lin Shao said that glass water pipes is "more nicotine salt consumer goods" and should not belong to tobacco. He thinks that nicotine salt is very different from nicotine.

  It is understood that the main components of glass water pipes tobacco oil are propylene glycol, nicotine salt, glycerin, essence, etc. Nicotine salt is a compound formed by combining nicotine and acidic substances. Like nicotine, nicotine can relieve smoking addiction, but it is absorbed and excreted by human body more quickly.

  Compared with traditional cigarettes, glass water pipes do not produce carbon monoxide, tar and other substances when burning, but this does not mean glass water pipes have no problem of secondhand smoke. An analysis by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shows that 1/4 of the adverse events of glass water pipes are related to secondhand smoke exposure, such as respiratory irritation, eyes, throat, headache, etc.

  Chen Hui, secretary-general of Suzhou Nutrition and Health Association, told the "IT Times" that when nicotine enters the human body, it will promote the release of dopamine in the body, which will bring pleasure and increase nerve excitement, which is the mechanism of its addiction.

  The 20-year-old Husa occasionally expressed an anxiety. He knows that glass water pipes contain nicotine and cannot be said to be completely healthy, but he also doubts some negative news about glass water pipes.

  According to Zhu Danpeng, an analyst in China's food industry, this is caused by "information inequality between industry and consumers". Consumers have health awareness, but their understanding of new things is inconsistent.

  This is precisely because of the fuzziness of glass water pipes and the doubts about health naturally follow.

  When promoting domestic glass water pipes products, textile test such as FDA, TPD certification of EU and TCT, a third-party testing company, often appear. However, the IT Times reporter searched the FDA website for the names of several brands, but did not find the corresponding certification documents. According to reporters, even if they apply for EU TPD certification, glass water pipes manufacturers do not need to provide glass water pipes samples in the process.

  Are these certifications real and effective? Is the third party testing organization objective and fair? These questions need to be answered. When the block chain enterprises started recklessly, its definition and supervision were not clear, and then how the industry would develop was unknown.

  Glass water pipes is the general trend of the times. the state will formulate good product standards, and the circulation control and state policy intervention in the later period. the glass water pipes industry will continue to develop. "Qiu Yiwu is optimistic about the future. It is reported that the formulation of the mandatory national glass water pipes standard has entered the "approval" stage and is expected to be launched this year.