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Minnesota Prohibits Use of glass hammer pipe in Public Places

by linbin on April 22, 2020
Representative LaurieHalverson said the legislation is aimed at ensuring that all Minnesota residents can breathe fresh air in public places.

  Smoke-free Minnesota supports the bill and hopes the Senate can hear it.

  This is to keep glass hammer pipe away from you and me. we really don't know what is the effect of glass hammer pipe steam on health. "Haverson said.

  Earlier this year, the House of Representatives voted in favor of the ban (100-25), which is estimated to be caused by the growth of the youth epidemic.

  Many communities and private companies have imposed such bans on smoking areas, but supporters of the ban believe that expanding Minnesota's Indoor Air Act to include glass hammer pipe will help reduce smoking among teenagers.

  However, not everyone agrees.
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  Congressman PatGarofalo said there was not enough evidence to prove that spiral glass pipe was harmful.

  Some of us still believe that adults can do what they want without government control. "State Councilor Pat Gallofalo stressed," This is another step in the wrong direction.

  Study on the influence of glass hammer pipe steam on indoor air.

  Meanwhile, a peer study released last summer compared glass hammer pipe steam with smoke in traditional tobacco products, and the results showed that exhaled glass hammer pipe steam particles actually completely evaporated in a few seconds.

  According to previous research on air samples, atomized steam has little effect on indoor air quality.

  The research, called CharacterizationOfTheSpatialandTemporaldispersion DifferencesBETWEEN NextHalede-Cigarettemistandcigarettesmoke, was published in the famous journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research.

  For chunky glass pipes and ordinary cigarettes, the particle concentration recorded after each smoking is of the same order of magnitude, but for atomized products, the particle concentration returns to the background value within a few seconds.

  For cigarettes, continuous smoking will increase and will not return to the background level until 30 to 45 minutes after the behavior stops.