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In order to allow Apollo to enter 100,000 retail stores, there will be a fierce battle below the glass pipes line.

by linbin on April 17, 2020
The company was established in 2008. Its Apollo Production Industrial Park is located in the Silicon Valley Industrial Base in San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. It is the earliest and most authoritative large glass pipes oil plant in the United States. The comprehensive sales volume in the United States is ranked in the top two, and the comprehensive sales volume in Europe is ranked in the top three. Southeast Asia once occupied the market and has branches in the capital of Europe and China.
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  Apollo headquarters has 28 tap water production lines and the most advanced dust-free workshop (the headquarters is continuing to expand). It strictly abides by the strict production specifications of the Food and Drug Administration and GMP. It strictly abides by the original nicotine salt formula and carries out quantitative labeling according to law. The use standard of edible essence /VG (vegetable glycerin) /PG (propylene glycol) fully complies with the production specifications of the Food and Drug Administration and European Union Herb Directive TPD.

  In 2016, US Apollo became the first application of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the Glassbone industry. As of today, Apollo has more than 5200 flavors in the United States, including glass bone, fruit, alcohol, tea, coffee, etc. In 2017, it was certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), reaching the level of drugs and medical devices. In 2018, the FDA's Glassbone taste standard has reached 2450, reaching the absolute leading position in the industry.

  Every bottle of glassbone cleaner and packing carton originally exported are cleared in strict accordance with the actual quantity. As the first batch of high-end oil products to enter the Chinese market, Apollo is also the first R-certified cigarette oil brand and has cultivated numerous loyal fans in various countries over the years.

  Apollo, the Global glass pipes Brand, Successfully Entered 30,000 PetroChina Gas Stations