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Is the banning of glass pipes a mistake of the government or is it a great danger in itself

by linbin on April 17, 2020
Today is the first working day in 2019. Many new regulations were introduced in 2019, such as the new tax law which will come into effect on January 1, 2019.

  However, today is not a good day for smokers in Hangzhou. The newly revised "glass pipes price Smoking Control Regulations in Hangzhou Public Places" will come into effect on January 1.
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  Many old smokers don't understand. You said that tobacco products make people easy to smoke secondhand smoke, but I smoke glass pipes and do not produce smoke. As early as October 10, 2018, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam proposed in his policy address that Hong Kong would completely ban electronic cigarettes, including import, promotion, manufacture, sale and distribution. Hong Kong is banned from selling glass pipes, and the United States imposed a ban on glass pipes in 2016. Among them, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico and other countries have implemented the glass pipes regulation, but there are no relevant measures in mainland China.

  Glass pipes is less harmful than cigarettes and should be recognized worldwide. Nicotine is also found in glass pipes, which can be addictive.

  Hangzhou has brought glass pipes into the ban, with the following two viewpoints:

  The content of nicotine in glass pipes depends entirely on businessmen.

  At present, the nicotine concentration of glass pipes sold on the market is usually 6×24 mg/ml, but the other part has exceeded 50 mg/ml. There are currently no relevant laws and regulations in this regard.

  Ii. spices in glasspipes are unsafe.

  Due to the use of different electronic cigarettes, in order to meet the different needs of young people, businesses will increase the taste of various candies and snacks. However, only a small number of people have been audited.

  In view of the above factors, many people believe more in foreign glass pipes, which is also the reason why foreign brands of glass pipes are easily sought after.

  However, for the quality of glass pipes for sale, the quality of hammers is obviously biased.