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The glass bong bowls market is likely to see explosive growth through the cold winter.

by linbin on April 17, 2020
At this time of winter, all industries seem to have a cold winter. As predicted by experts, this year's glass bong repair will be the coldest winter in history.

  At present, the growth rate of the national economy is obviously slowing down. In this "downturn" economic situation, the impact is not only on small and medium-sized enterprises, but also on the real estate market, automobile market and other consumer markets. However, the "cheap" consumer industries such as entertainment industry, fast-selling industry and tobacco industry have seen rapid growth and even industry outbreaks. According to statistics, the 1929 Wall Street crisis officially entered the era of the Great Depression. The number of movie viewers has reached a new high since 1927, and the film industry's income is also rising. In 1930, the second year after the financial crisis, the number of movie viewers reached an all-time high of 80 million a week. This is the so-called "lipstick effect".
How much are glass pipes?
  The Lipstick Effect "refers to an interesting economic phenomenon in lipstick sales due to economic recession. During the economic recession, people's income and expectations for the future will decline, first of all, the consumption of commodities, such as buying houses, cars, traveling abroad, etc., which may have more "spare money" than in normal times, just to buy some "cheap and unnecessary things", thus stimulating the growth of these cheap luxury goods consumption.

  For example, lipstick is considered to be a cheaper luxury. During the economic downturn, people still have a strong desire to consume, so they will buy cheaper luxury goods instead. Lipstick, as a "cheap and unnecessary thing", can play a "comfortable" role for consumers, especially when skin cream and lip balm contact lips. In addition, the economic recession will weaken some people's spending power, so that they will have some "small spare money" in their hands, just to buy some "cheap and unnecessary things." .

  In addition to lipstick, glass pipes for sale is a similar product. However, the harm caused by traditional tobacco to human body has been widely paid attention, and the government has issued relevant smoking ban to control it. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other cities strictly prohibit smoking in public places with roofs, and airports in more than a dozen cities have abolished smoking rooms, which has provided necessary guarantee for the rapid development of the glass bong bowls industry.

  In 2018, the glass bong bowls industry was not only favored by the capital market but also by consumers. According to data, RELX yuechao was established in 2018 and completed angel wheel financing of 38 million yuan in June of the same year. Shenzhen refined salt technology co., ltd. Established in 2016, the limited company completed a pre-grade a financing of 20 million yuan in October this year, and the glass bong bowls industry invested more funds. IJOY was founded in 2013 and won 300 million yuan in round A financing in 2018. Without listing, there will definitely be more than three glass bong bowls companies favored by the capital market in 2018.

  Liu Jihui, founder and chief executive officer of Shenzhen refined salt technology co., ltd, said: "now is a good time for us to catch up. With the increasing number of smokers all over the world, the awakening of people's health awareness has led to a rise in the wind direction of glass bong bowls. In addition, we have very high requirements for patents and technologies. We constantly push polishing products to the market and keep them with exquisite technology and sincere market for feedback to consumers.

  It is reported that the company was established in 2016 and has been studying the core atomization technology and chips in depth. After two years of tempering, the company finally introduced EVOVE and disposable GlassBond Bowlsevoven to the market this year. "Meeting smokers' demand for tobacco, stable quality and minimal user experience are the most noticeable core. In essence, smokers need a healthier choice without increasing any conversion costs. At the same time, as a product destined to be as fast as glass pipes for sale, stable quality is a prerequisite for the rapid development of such products. Since its establishment, we have been the company's vision to become a world leader in research, development and application of atomization technology, hoping to create a truly suitable glass bong bowls for smokers. Although we are also experiencing macro-economic contraction, we still need to maintain the heart of the initial stage of our business and work hard to cultivate our products. Liu Jihui, chief executive officer of refined salt technology, said.

  We can see that under the "lipstick effect" and on the basis of "cheap", meaningful products will be more popular with consumers. Enterprises will become the scene of products, and people can set off their desire to buy. It is believed that there will be a big explosion in the glass bong bowls market, which will cost 100 billion yuan in 2019.