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The good news from India's glass pipes for sale may lift restrictions on online sales

by linbin on April 17, 2020
In December last year, India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) proposed amending India's Information Technology Act, which requires online social platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter to delete online content, including keyword tags, to "promote glass pipes sherlock promotion".

  Subsequently, the bill caused quite a stir among the glass pipes for sale user community.

  The glass pipes for sale Consumer Rights Organization, the Indian glass pipes for sale Association (Avi), which is committed to reducing tobacco hazards, has been filing claims with the government in the hope of changing Mattel's position on the glass pipes for sale issue.

  SamratChowdhery, director of AVI, said:

  MeitY's definition of glass pipes for sale promotion is very vague. It may also mean banning the spread of risk differences and telling people that glass pipes for sale is safer than smoking.

  AVI Hopes to Change Current Situation

  AVI submitted comments to MeitY and pointed out: "The spread of glass pipes hand blown is as harmful as cigarettes and alcohol and is a serious case of sending false information. No Indian should deny or even refuse to acquire technologies that can save their lives.
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  In response to AVI's views, India's MeitY may be changing its stance.

  RakeshMathhwari, researcher and coordinator of MitY's network regulations, said:

  In fact, we know very little about the outcome of glass pipes for sale and glass pipes for sale. Before we really started to understand, all the information was after we received a lot of comments from users.

  If the use of glass pipes for sale is actually promoting the reduction of tobacco harm, addiction or any possible harmful substance, then from our point of view, it is not illegal.

  Glass pipes for sale is still in a grey area.

  MeitY plans to incorporate public health provisions into legislation.

  Mahiwari said:

  We will not keep anything harmful to human safety and health, including cigarettes and narcotics, which may be where we should stop.

  Although MeitY's status may be improved after AVI's comments, and even the online sales of Glass Pipes for Sales may be reconsidered, it is worth noting that "Glass Pipes for Sales must be fully promoted in India and other relevant departments must be persuaded", which is a long and difficult road.

  In India, glass pipes for sale products are still in the legal gray area, with 8 of the country's 29 regions banned. In August last year, the Indian Ministry of Health said in a consultation report of the district government that glass pipes for sale and heating non-combustion equipment were "great health risks" and recommended that glass pipes for sale and heating equipment be banned in all regions.

  In general, India does need to re-examine the glass pipes for sale issue. After all, India has 120 million smokers, low willingness to quit smoking, lack of public health care, and even more than 1 million people die each year. If the Ministry of Health continues to crack down on glass pipes for sale, only more smokers will die from this deadlock.

  AVI Condemns in Foreign Media Comments:

  The Indian government owns nearly one-third of the country's large tobacco companies. The number of smokers in India is more than three times that in the United States, and the number of deaths from tobacco-related diseases is more than twice that in the United States every year. Prohibiting nicotine substitutes is not helpful to maintain the status quo.

  India's Ministry of Health may still have a long way to go before it accepts glass pipes cheap and asks the government to give up some tobacco taxes. However, it is indisputable that "traditional tobacco products will eventually be replaced by new types of tobacco". Whether it is 5 years, 10 years or 20 years, this will be an important issue for India and even the whole world.