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Is it good or bad for the senate to pass the glass bong bowls tax?

by linbin on April 17, 2020
Is it good or bad for the senate to pass the glass bong bowls tax?

  Earlier this month, the washington senate passed a bill to tax glassbone products, which is said to prevent teenagers from using glassbone.

  On april 23, the senate passed the steam glass bone tax SB 5986 by 35 votes to 13. Supporters of the bill claim that taxing electronic devices is a good way to encourage people to make "healthy" choices. Meanwhile, the tax is expected to generate 40 million US dollars by 2025.

  On the other hand, as many public health experts have repeatedly pointed out, lawmakers opposed to the bill said that the bill did not take into account some studies showing that such equipment is an excellent tool for quitting smoking. According to the act, heating non-combustible (HNB) products are taxed like other glass bong pipe products.
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  BobHasegawa, vice chairman of the Senate majority caucus, told his colleagues in the Senate: "I think the strategy we have adopted is totally wrong." We know glassbone stem is a good choice and an effective choice. Therefore, if you try to encourage good behavior through tax policies, it is actually doing the opposite.

  Although she eventually voted for the bill, Patty Coudreux, co-sponsor and assistant speaker of the House majority, said she did not necessarily believe in the approach taken by the bill. "i don't think a milliliter of tax per litre can prevent people from using it," he said. I do think this is a glass pipes for smoking product, but I think tax should be used as a restriction.