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Lucky coffee investor suspected of investing in glass bone pipe?

by linbin on April 17, 2020
On May 27, a media noticed that relevant people of Luckin Coffee Capital, a coffee brand that has just been listed on Nasdaq, appeared in the change information of the glass bong pipe start-up and were suspected of investing in the glass pipes color changing project.

  As can be seen from the data query of Tianyan, on May 17, the company made three industrial and commercial changes, increasing its registered capital from 1 million to 1.311 million. Second, two natural person shares have been added to East Chen Xiang and Rui Liu. Third, two new directors, Lin Xiaoqin, Lian Jie and a supervisor are in danger.

  In 1.jpg's new shares, Chen Xiang accounted for 3.39% and Liu Rui for 16.95%. Through the relevant information inquiry, it is found that Chen Xiang is skeptical of Chaoshan people.

  Supervisors are generally employees of the company. We mainly look at the new directors Lin Xiaoqin and Lianjie. Even Jay has not yet questioned his investment organization, but after investigation, Lin Xiaoqin found that he was a suspicious investment partner under Big Capital and had served as vice president of Banyan Capital.
glass bong price
  The glass bone pipe brand left its main co-founder in April. The chief executive officer issued a public statement on April 4, saying that the company's co-founder had left office in early March and had withdrawn from the ranks of shareholders.

  According to sources, the outgoing executive also launched a new glass bone Cleaner brand with the support of new investors, but the brand has not yet been released.

  Landon asked Luckin Coffee if Lin Xiaoqin was working for Dazhong Capital. This person said it was true, but was not sure whether Lin Xiaoqin was the same person.

  Generally speaking, there are two kinds of situations for company directors, one is that investors' representatives enter the board of directors, and the other is that shareholders enter the board of directors. However, in the above two changes, shareholders and directors do not overlap, leaving suspense and not excluding the renaming of Lin Xiaoqin, new directors and big capital.

  Another supporting message is that the source told Lan Dong that Dacheng Capital has been paying attention to the glass bone Pipe startup project since the Spring Festival, and has been following up several glass bone Pipe projects, including executive director Liu Mou. If Lin Xiaoqin and Big Capital Lin Xiaoqin in the above industrial and commercial information belong to the same person, this means Big Capital has entered the glass bong pipe industry.

  BigCapital was established in February 2017 to focus on investment opportunities for Chinese consumers and the medical industry. Luckin Coffee is his famous masterpiece.

  Rising just landed on Nasdaq on May 17 to become the world's fastest IPO company, but it has fallen below its IPO price, dropping from a high of $26 to $15.79, with a market value of $3.7 billion.

  Just like the rapid growth of tea ceremonies such as coffee, the glass bong pipe industry is becoming a new path of rapid growth. Last year, Juul, an American electronic cigarette, was valued at more than US$ 38 billion, while Yuechao's latest financing valuation in China has reached about US$ 2.6 billion. After the listing of Rising Wealth, Dachang Capital is indeed likely to find the next fast-growing new consumption channel and brand.

  In addition, as of March 31, Luckin Coffee has opened 2,370 stores across the country. These stores have entered the retail channels in the core business area. At the same time, there seems to be no problem selling coffee and recommending a glass bong pipe product.

  At present, there are 20 Glass bong pipe enterprises in China that have publicly announced that they have received financing and are currently in the melee stage between groups and men. So far, they have not identified the top five competitors recognized in the industry. Therefore, in this stage of gambling, there is still a chance to create a new brand.

  Just as the industry has yet to understand the value and mode of Luckin coffee, Rising has successfully listed on the public capital market, raising more than US$ 600 million.

  If it is true that large capital has entered the glass bone pipe industry, it indicates that some famous online celebrities glass bone Amazon brands founded around the spring festival have been recognized by the relatively fair capital market, which is very good news for the glass bone pipe industry.

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